52 Most Insanely Hilarious and Strangest Images Captured by Google Maps Street View

Google has indeed made our lives easier. For example, we will never ever get lost during travels, because Google Map is one click away to help us. But, this is not where Google stops. Recently, it launched its Google Map Street View setting wherein people can now see the actual image that’s happening in the place that you would want to visit. However, aside from helping you out, this feature of Google Map will also give you a laugh by capturing some of the most insanely hilarious and strangest things caught on camera.

Got stuck

We are definitely not sure what happened here. This woman is unfortunately stuck on the window of her house, or maybe not her house. It really proves that Google is also there to know when and where help is needed. So, when you’re stuck and can’t get out, there is no need to call 911 because Google is there to tell if you’re in trouble.


Photo courtesy of Hack Read

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