20 Of The Most Beautiful Airbnbs You Didn’t Know You Wanted To Visit

Admit it. Summer is fast approaching and you just cant wait to make a quick escape out of the gray jungle. May it be through excitement and adventure or peace and relaxation, everyone just wants to go out and experience the beautiful places earth has to offer, and Airbnb has got you covered. The amazing website has transformed renting out backpacking and hotel lodging into a social-media-ish platform, giving you a splendidly curated list of hotels and lodging, first hand reviews of hosts, ratings and even private messaging! This in turn increases the relationship between hosts and travelers, supported by an easy to use, smooth and efficient interface.

            We’ve gathered up some of the most beautifully awe-inspiring places on Airbnb that you didn’t know you wanted to go to (or might not have even known you could visit such places). So get up, close your social media applications and start packing cause here are our top 20

1. Ski Lift – Courchevel, Rhône-Alpes, France

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Photo courtesy of: Airbnb

If you’re looking for a rather unorthodox way of enjoying the holidays, this would be a good start.  You’ll be admiring the scenery several thousands of feet above ground while dangling in a cable car that doubles as your personal hotel room.  That’s some mighty impressive stuff, truth be told.

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