Absolute Savages, The Worst of the Worst.

There are numerous ways to act ferociously. It’s essentially one big smear or insult directed at someone else. With the internet capturing everything we do, catching someone in the act of barbarism has never been easier. REPLACE Case in point, when it comes to asking that special someone to the prom, there are masters of the dark side who will come up with a comeback and crush your spirit. You’ve been given fair warning.

Humor about fathers.

Just when you thought you were ready to spice things up with your father, he responds by asking if you’re hip enough to organize a party in the first place. Clearly, this father is up to date and far too astute to simply say no.

Karma is instantaneous.

When you find your bike, it’s the nicest feeling in the world, but when someone steals it, it’s the worst feeling in the world. It’s possible that this is just a group of misbehaving teenagers. This bike owner, on the other hand, is upset about what happened and wishes the thief a good deal of karma.

Last Chance To Fall In Love.

On Tinder, this equates to around half of the male population. Only a small percentage of individuals utilize the app in the first place.

Don’t worry, it won’t be as bad as sending your crush a letter and not getting a response. I’ll get to that in a minute.

Waldo Has a Reality Check.

Let’s get down to business. Waldo has given up trying. The days of truly caring where the man in the stripes went on Earth are long gone. It’s not our fault he kept getting lost after all these years. Waldo might put down the flask if the books make a comeback.

Getting Away With Murder is a film about a man who gets away with murder.

Why didn’t anyone intervene? The tattoo alone will have served as a tip to the cops. Anyone who gets the word “savage” tattooed on his neck has undoubtedly made a few terrible judgments in his life. But, hey, he’s definitely a well-traveled savage.

Tough Love is a term used to describe a relationship that is.

Crushes can be so ruthless. They obviously don’t want to go out with Romeo over here. It was merely a matter of circling the one word that wasn’t even in the letter to make it clear.

Isn’t this a little cruel, and the one coming up next is perhaps the cruelest rejection ever?.

I’m never going to abandon you.

Talk about a lecturer who knows how to troll his or her students. Everyone should be aware that when a leak like this appears online, there’s a good chance it’s going to to be a YouTube link to the classic song by Rick Astley, which is probably the most annoying tun ever known.

Children’s Punishment.

Fidget spinners are going to be phased out at this point. It’s a parent’s dream to take this away from their kid and what better way to punish them then by locking it up when they aren’t behaving. One day soon, this will be banned from public schools everywhere.

Inviting That Special Person To The Prom.

Ouch, this hurts more than taking a fastball from Justin Verlander. Kidding, that’s way worse than this. Not only that, how could this guy completely screw up?.

That’s probably a hard cold no, but what’s coming up shortly is one way to give yourself a reminder that relationships aren’t really worth it.

After All, Girl Scouts Aren’t So Nice.

Well, that’s one way to sell those Girl Scout cookies on a Saturday afternoon. Pot shops work too, but this is such a tease that it’s actually kind of funny. Young kids don’t know any better these days. They just do whatever comes to their mind first and they apply it.

Otherwise, it’s Banned Words.

When the teacher is at their breaking point, this is their final tipping point towards their students. They had enough of hearing all the kids talk and use these words on a consistent basis. A better way to punish their students if they use these words is to actually give them a dictionary.

Nobody has the time for that.

Giving yourself a reminder that relationships, particularly “men ain’t worth your time,” might signal that you have a problem. But it’s smart to have it after a night of drinking too.

She might a hero to some, but what’s ahead soon will be the real winner of the Father of Year for relationship advice.

Kryptonite for Chef Ramsay.

What else can you say? Gordon Ramsay is a great cook, but overall, he knows a thing or two about being blunt and throwing shade at the same time. It’s apart of his personality and quite frankly, that’s a very humorous response towards a question from a fan.

Who is it that is responsible for this?.

Get a load of the jerk who took a slice right in the middle of the cake. This will drive anyone with OCD nuts. We all have that one friend who doesn’t know how to cut a cake evenly. Instead of doing this, maybe next time they could do a little thing called asking?.

Father of the Year is a title given to a man who is a.

It’s not every day that you think you’ll get a note on a birthday card like this. He’s just being a tease, but really, this dad deserves a medal of some kind as it’s quite the dad joke.

Wait until the next one coming up, it’s one of the most awkward breakups ever.

Arrival at the last minute.

Welcome to the real world, where such justifications will not save you from a parking charge. Most people have undoubtedly tried this before and gotten the same outcome as the one shown below. You can’t hold the parking attendant responsible; they’re only performing their job.

You won’t be able to use your phone!.

For any child, a phone timeout is a disaster. One father went a step farther and took her phone away from her. Then he unleashed this monstrous troll. That’s pretty fantastic T-Mobile Wifi reception, as awful as this bogus text message is. Exceptional work!.

Unprecedented Surprise.

Oh my, that’s an awkward way to end a relationship. It’s so ironic when you get an unexpected surprise like this. This is terrible and cruel, and it hurts more than a punch in the stomach. Perhaps Apple has figured out a method to employ confetti for any occasion like this.

Procrastinators are despised.

Late assignments will not be tolerated by teachers. You might as well kiss that grade goodbye and trade it in for a big fat zero if you’re going to do it at the last minute. In any case, it appears that the instructor is nearing burnout in the final two weeks of the school year.

The Wife responds with a retort.

At the very least, it was done on my birthday. He has the word “yes” in italics, which appears to be a victory. This isn’t something you see every day, and this husband is keeping track. It’s one thing to do something like this, but this appears to be the most past-aggressive relationship maneuver ever.

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