Australians Are The Luckiest People Anywhere And Here’s 20 Reasons Why

There is no debate that Australia is an adventure seekers paradise. With the vast number of beaches, crazy extreme sports, enormous outback, thousands upon thousands of animal species, multiracial environment, and rich cultural history, there is almost an unlimited amount of things to be done and experienced in the land down under. The Lucky Country nickname was derived from a 1964 book on Australia written by Donald Horne with the same name.


And we think he might actually be correct. Check out our list of reasons below!

1. The mornings are just… WOW.


Photo courtesy of: flickr

Look at that highly impressive view.  Where else can you find anything this magical?  Everything’s always sunny down under, but they never told you how mesmerizing the sunrise is.  This is more than enough reason for us to travel to Australia.

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