Baking Disasters During the Holidays.

Are you having trouble getting into the festive spirit? Don’t be alarmed! You’re not on your own. Many individuals try to get into the Christmas spirit ahead of time by preparing adorable and delectable treats. There are a plethora of fun and festive holiday recipes available online, many of which have simple enough directions to make you believe that attaining the desired result will be a breeze.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as skilled in the kitchen or as clever as they would like to believe. The ultimate product is a jumble of icing globs, distorted Christmas figurines, and a slew of depressingly sad Christmas cookies. Here’s a compilation of the funniest and most saddest Pinterest and holiday recipe flops to get you in the mood for the holidays.

Windowpane Cookies for the Holidays.

The windowpane cookie is the first in a series of misfortune Christmas cookies. This Instagram user had wanted to make the cookie on the left, but instead received these hard-looking pancakes when they took them out of the oven. Where might they have gone astray? Let’s see how many ways there are.

In their caption, they explained that they tried to cut corners by using store-bought sugar cookie dough and that they did attempt to use cookie cutters, but clearly, the cookies didn’t hold their form. If you wanted to try something like this, perhaps don’t think about forgoing the recipe from scratch. Some cookie dough recipes are formulated so that they hold their shape throughout the baking process. The next slide shows a similar cookie attempt, but botched in a different way.

Mistakes in Stained Glass.

On the left, we have Martha Stewart’s adorably perfect Stained Glass Cookies. On the right, we have user Sarah’s exploded-candy-covered sugar cookies. Sarah writes that she followed Martha Stewart’s instructions to a tee. well sort of.

The actual recipe calls for eight minutes of cookie baking time, followed by adding crushed candy to the center hollow of the cookie, which you bake for an additional three minutes to melt and set the candy. Sarah explains that even after adding the candy, the cookies needed extra time to bake. Unfortunately, that extra baking time did not fare well for the candy centers, creating a dark sticky mess that is completely opposite from the bright stained-glass effect she was going for.

When Size Doesn’t Matter.

What is Christmas without some impeccably decorated gingerbread houses? The left picture shows us some charmingly miniature gingerbread houses that are meant to complement a nice steamy mug of delicious hot cocoa. In this case, size does matter.

In the photo on the right, the person who attempted the project must have interpreted the directions all wrong because their gingerbread house looks way too big to sit on the edge of any mug. On the plus side, their house did stay together and looks like it could be a perfectly fine gingerbread house to stand on its own if they took the time to decorate it as such.

Monstrosities of Meringue.

When user Zizi attempted the Christmas Tree meringues from Australian baking blog Raspberri Cupcakes , she probably wasn’t expecting the green globs that came out of the oven. Zizi claims that the meringues looked perfect before they went in, but they experienced quite a bit of cracking during the baking process.

She can’t quite pinpoint where exactly the recipe went south, noting that she’s “not really in the mood to try this again.” If you see the recipe for yourself, you will see that the recipe calls for a long baking time and a lot of opening and closing of the oven door. Zizi mentions that she’s not sure how to prevent meringue cookies from cracking, but we can certainly say that we sympathize with her. Cooking with meringue can always be a finicky process anyway, as you will see in the next slide.

Don’t try to be Danish.

User Cassidy C. just wanted to create the Candy Cane Cherry & Cream Cheese Danish she found on Pinterest. What did she end up with? We don’t even know. She shares her Pinterest Fail simply stating, “I am incapable of creating recognizable shapes out of crescent rolls.”.

The original recipe, which was sourced from a blog called Shower of Roses , looked simple enough; the baker can (supposedly) create them by just shaping cans of crescent roll dough into the desired shape and topping with cream cheese and cherry pie filling. Unfortunately for some people, these recipes take on a mind of their own in the oven.

Pretzels of dubious quality.

User Laura Ward attempted these Christmas Pretzel Kisses, which entails melting a Hershey’s Kiss into a round pretzel and topping it with a red or green M&M. Well, Laura writes that she could not locate round pretzels anywhere and instead, opted for a regular mini pretzel in the traditional twist shape.

That didn’t work out, unfortunately, because the Kisses didn’t melt into the pretzel and instead turned out to look like something else, which we’ll leave to your imagination. Fortunately, we’re confident that the resulting flavor is exactly what it should be, given that there are just three components, but it’s a shame it couldn’t look as good as it tastes.

Peppermint Pushers are a type of peppermint pusher.

There are a lot of suggestions online for melting down peppermints into a flattened version of their original form to make a nice peppermint design on a tray, dish, or ornament. Unsurprisingly, there are many Pinterest fails depicting individuals attempting these projects and resulting in melty peppermint disasters.

One such endeavor was attempted by this Instagram user, who melted peppermints into the shape of a cookie cutter. Unfortunately, the peppermints they used leaked into the cutter, resulting in a green, sticky mess. It’s tragic. Many individuals forget that different ovens have different temperatures, which is why their baked items don’t turn out like the recipe they copied.

Olaf is an outcast in this version.

Olaf from Disney’s smash blockbuster Frozen is back. Olaf, the friendly snowman, is nice and humorous, yet he can be a little quiet at times. He deserves a better baked version of himself than this abomination.

See, the one on the left was produced by someone who knows how to work with fondant, whereas the one on the left was produced by someone who tried to duplicate the appearance with basic frosting. Even if we don’t particularly care for fondant, it’s an essential component if you want a baked item that looks like the one on the left.

Epic Swirly Twirly Fails.

Colored pinwheel sugar cookies are another holiday baking endeavor that many people attempt. Because so many people can’t seem to get it properly, Pinterest Fail has featured this recipe (and many more like it) for Christmas Swirl Sugar Cookies from I Love My Disorganized Life at least twice.

Kristie B. isn’t sure where she went wrong because the dough wouldn’t maintain its shape and started melting as she tried to roll it into a log. She had no choice but to knead the dough into balls and bake it the old-fashioned method. In her defense, the blog recipe calls for “your favorite sugar cookie dough,” yet as previously indicated, some cookie dough recipes are specifically made to make these cookies. Some are, while others are not.

I raise my glass to you, Christmas Tree.

Okay, so this next one isn’t quite baking-related, but we thought it was really funny! Wine bottle Christmas trees abound on Pinterest, and while they are impressive, they can also be intimidating. Trying to figure out where to put the lights to create a cool lighting effect can be difficult, let alone worrying about it all collapsing.

Maddie Linder, a Twitter user, came up with a simple solution: attach all the empty booze bottles you have laying around the home onto the branches of your fake tree! No one will make fun of you for having so many bottles around the house.

The Christmas Tree Massacre has occurred.

In the spirit of Christmas trees, this Instagram user attempted but failed to recreate Just a Taste‘s cupcake version. It’s actually quite simple to make these. The basis is simply a vanilla-frosted cupcake. While the tree looks entirely made of frosting (which could be a dream come true or disgustingly overwhelming, depending on how you feel about frosting), it’s actually made from a sugar cone that is painted first with green icing, then decorated with a special icing tip to create the pine needle effect.

The user appears to have overdone the green icing in this case, as their tree appears to have collapsed under the weight of it all. What could have been a beautiful dessert decoration now appears to be a Christmas tree that has been robbed of its gifts.

Orna-meant for a better outcome.

Barbie thought it would be simple to make these cake ball ornaments from A Step in the Journey after seeing them on Pinterest. She was mistaken. She recounts her tale, saying that once she got to the dipping part of the entire process, she quickly realized it was a project that would be left unfinished.

The melted chocolate did not form well to her unshapely cake balls, so they were nothing close to what she had hoped they would turn out to be. It’s okay Barbie, we’ve all been there. Baking, in general, can be quite a process and there are some things that cannot be executed properly if not all the proper precautions are taken, such as working with melted chocolate or candy melts.

This year, Rudolph is calling in sick.

There are many recipes for these Oreo Reindeer Pops like the ones from Oh! Nuts blog. It seems like the simplest Christmas treat to make too, because you only have to cover an oreo in chocolate and add the face using candies while the chocolate is still wet.

Unfortunately, this Instagram user’s expressionless reindeer turned out to be rather upset. We’re not sure what she used for the face, but it all melted, leaving the poor reindeer with an open mouth and big eyes. Because there’s a stick up its.. you know, it probably looks like it’s in pain.

The Beard Is Strange.

The Taste of Home recipe for Golden Santa Bread is highly popular, but given the curling detail of Santa’s beard, it appears to be rather difficult to produce. The problem proved to be accurate for user Amanda.

Her Santa bread continued to rise and rise, until she had a puffy Santa with a small hat and a small beard. Regrettably, her Santa resembled an innocent version of Davy Jones à la Pirates of the Caribbean. We don’t believe Amanda will be trying this one again anytime soon, and we certainly wouldn’t.

The Great Pumpkin Fail is a term used to describe a situation in which a.

Chocolate-covered strawberry pumpkins would be a nice treat to serve throughout the Fall season. But how would you go about getting that pumpkin look? In a recipe from Mom Loves Baking, you would just use orange candy melts, which can be bought in almost any craft store. The strawberries would be dipped in melted orange candy and then adorned with jack-o-lantern faces! Isn’t that simple?.

As can be seen on the right, this is not the case for everyone. Megan, a Pinterest user, noticed that her melted candy melted right off of her strawberries, leaving puddles of orange chocolate around them.

These should not be given out on Valentine’s Day.

During the Valentine’s Day season, these butter sugar cookies from The Semisweet Sisters were all over Pinterest. Anyone looking to impress a potential beau will have no trouble doing so with these delectable heart-shaped goodies. That might have been Pinterest user KJ’s intention, but it didn’t exactly work out for them.

KJ made excellent heart-shaped cookies with a heart-shaped cookie press, believing that the cookies would expand while baking. Unfortunately, they didn’t, and KJ was taken aback when the results were revealed. If you ask us, this is a fairly amusing holiday baking mistake, but these cookies will most likely be saved for a more mature event.

Blowup of a Baked Bunny.

There are a lot of photographs of bunny-shaped rolls on Pinterest. If you have a decent roll recipe that you know will bake flawlessly, you can just cut the appropriate shapes into the dough before baking and end up with a bunny-ears roll (and a face if you added that too).

Unfortunately for this Pinterest user, that was not the case when they attempted to make the recipe themselves. Our best assumption is that they utilized a roll recipe that wasn’t meant to be formed into bunny forms and that their rolls expanded too much during baking. However, it would have been a fantastic Easter treat!.

The Heart of the Rainbow.

On the Internet, Eugenie Kitchen‘s rainbow heart cookies have become rather popular. Eugenie has a video on her website that walks you through the entire process of making these rainbow cookies, and let us tell you, it’s a long one. That’s why Pinterest user Christina Leonard had to be upset when she received what appeared to be mosaic heart cookies!.

Although her “tie-dye” cookies didn’t turn out as she had hoped, Christina notes that she still loves what’s imperfect and that she will not take any shortcuts next time—in addition to not eating any cookie dough!.

Fancy Isn’t Invincible.

This Raspberry Cream Cheese Crescent Ring should be easy for anyone, as its main component is a can of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, according to Butter with a Side of Bread . It’s the perfect treat to bring to a holiday party or even share during Valentine’s Day. However, for Pinterest user Leigh Anne Hornfeldt, this recipe didn’t turn out exactly as she had hoped.

Leigh Anne notes that she shouldn’t have used a mixer since it made the filling too runny. She also left her crescent roll dough out too long which caused it to warm up and be hard to work with.

Bear-y Plump Bears, perhaps?.

These teddy bear cookies are soft and peanut buttery perfection, according to The Homespun Heart , who herself got the recipe from Taste of Home . These cookies seem like a cinch to make, but isn’t that how it goes with all Pinterest recipes?.

The Pinterest user who shared this baking fail said that her daughter attempted these cookies for the school bake sale and that they ended up coming out like bricks! Oh no! We hope they still tasted good. The mother-daughter team also noted to use more flour, since they found that to be helpful the second time around to keep the bear shape.

What Could These Eggs Have Been?.

The fact that these deviled eggs are shaped like small newborn chicks is a little ironic. They could have grown into actual baby chicks if they hadn’t become deviled eggs. However, for the sake of the Easter festival, these deviled egg chicks make a cute addition to any Easter breakfast, assuming you can pull them off correctly.

Cali, a Pinterest user, tried making these deviled egg delights on her own but didn’t quite get what she was looking for. Cali claims that the recipe is much more difficult than it appears, and we can only agree, given how meticulous you must be when decorating!.

The Cranberry Orange Disaster.

The flavors of orange and cranberry are a great match for Fall holiday goodies, and these Orange Cranberry shortbreads from Mom on Timeout look delicious! Shortbread recipes are straightforward, but they must be followed to the letter or you will not have a shortbread biscuit.

Hannah, a Pinterest user, did exactly that, but instead of the cookies she was looking for, she got Orange-Cranberry cookie puddles. Hannah isn’t sure what went wrong here; either the butter wasn’t cold enough, or the oven was too hot. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck next time!.

The Trial of the Candy Corn Cookie.

Candy Corn: you either hate it or adore it, according to her, she used a box version of a sugar cookie variation and they still didn’t turn out. Would you eat it even if it was in the form of a cookie? These PBS Food candy corn cookies seemed to be a simple, fun, and festive treat to prepare for the Fall holidays, which is why Pinterest user Joanna was surprised when hers didn’t turn out quite like the photo.

come out just the way she had hoped. Instead, she received red and yellow sugar cookie blobs. Hopefully, they tasted like sugar cookies, and she could have assumed she made them on purpose!.

The Misadventure of the Raspberry Cupcakes.

Oh She Glows created a chocolate raspberry cupcake that gained a lot of traction on Pinterest. Her vegan chocolate cupcakes with almond buttercream and raspberry icing would make the ideal Valentine’s Day present for your vegan sweetie!.

Pinterest user Chlor Barnes tried to make these cupcakes for a charity bake sale to demonstrate her friends how easy and delicious vegan baking can be, but she ended up with a chocolate raspberry disaster. The fact that she didn’t use a muffin tray for this recipe was perhaps her worst blunder! Still, it appears like she had a good time, and that didn’t stop her from preparing more snacks!.

On Thanksgiving, there was a turkey that didn’t fare well.

These Pinterest cinnamon roll turkeys were created by Pillsbury, who made the recipe simple by recommending that you use a can of pre-made cinnamon roll dough. These would be the ideal Thanksgiving morning sweets to get everyone in the mood and invigorate you for the long day ahead of cooking.

That’s most likely what this Pinterest user had in mind when they made these desserts. They didn’t turn out precisely as the photo shows, but they still look wonderful. The user who tried this recipe said she will make the cinnamon rolls from scratch the next time. Perhaps she should use smaller bacon strips as well!.

It was indeed a sight to behold.

Hungry Happenings‘s eyeball pizza appears to be straightforward. To make an eye, simply create a conventional pepperoni pizza and arrange the toppings in the shape of an eye. That’s exactly what one Pinterest user did, and we’ll concede that it wasn’t a complete failure.

Even though the pizza didn’t turn out exactly like the photo, the Pinterest user who cooked it for their Halloween party said it was a tremendous hit. They even made it easier on themselves by purchasing a store-bought pre-cooked pizza and adding the toppings at home. It’s simple!.

The Cake with Candles.

Okay, this isn’t really a baking fail, but it’s just too funny not to share! This Decoratrix candle cake design is a simple and lovely way to decorate any wedding or even simply your space.

A Pinterest user tried the concept for their mother’s 80th birthday, and the result is amusing because they didn’t foresee what would happen if the cake was actually light up. What occurred was that the candles all caught fire, despite the mother’s best efforts to extinguish them. To put out the fire, they had to use a pot of water! We now know that this concept is only cosmetic and should not be lit.

Coming At You: S’more Fails.

S’mores Dip from Five Heart Home’s would be ideal for a 4th of July barbecue or any other Summer event. It’s a simple recipe: just scatter chocolate chips on the bottom of a skillet and top with halved marshmallows. The cooking time is reduced to just a few minutes in a 450°F oven to melt the chocolate and brown the marshmallows, after which you dip graham crackers into it!.

Kaleigh, a Pinterest user, discovered that the recipe wasn’t as straightforward as she had imagined. When she tried this recipe, it exploded in flames, which had to be extinguished with a fire extinguisher! .

A Berry Blobby Cake is a cake that is shaped like a blob.

REPLACE Recipe Girl’s The Strawberry Cheesecake Cake was a Pinterest hit! Everything in this dish is made from scratch, and everyone who sees you follow it to the letter will be impressed. This is exactly what Pinterest user Melissa attempted to bake for her daughter’s birthday, and everything was going swimmingly until she got to the frosting! .

Melissa said her cake and cheesecake layers were wonderful, but the topping didn’t hold up as well. It only became worse after I put it in the fridge to harden. Melissa commented that, despite the mess, it tasted better than it looked!.

Attempt at Sheep Bread.

Annamarie, a Pinterest user, attempted to create the Russian Sheep Bread she spotted on Pinterest, even returning to the original site to try the recipe. The original site, however, is totally in Russian! First and first, we have to give Annamarie five credit for even trying this recipe.

This sheep bread would be ideal for Easter celebrations and would add a touch of whimsy to the table. Because the webpage was difficult to translate, Annamarie entered the instructions one by one into Google Translate! Oh my goodness! Even if it didn’t turn out like the photo, it feels like a success rather than a failure given everything she went through to make it.

Panda-monium was the name of the game.

Heather, a Pinterest user, made these adorable Panda cupcakes, which would be perfect for a kid’s holiday party or just for fun! Heather made these for fun, so we think it wasn’t such a big deal if she had a good time making them.

Heather’s cupcakes, despite the perfection seen in the original photographs, seems to be a fresh attempt at reproducing these animal delicacies. They even made do with what they had because they didn’t have the correct materials for the panda head! Regardless, we’re sure Heather had a good laugh at how hers came out!.

A Flag Cake That Isn’t Like The Others.

While we’re used to seeing 4th of July flag cakes constructed on a sheet cake and covered with berries, this cake certainly outshines the competition in terms of patriotism and ingenuity! After the cake from Cake Central went viral on Pinterest, several daring users decided to try their hand at making it themselves.

Bennii, a Pinterest user, attempted this cake but modified it by replacing the red cake with a strawberry filling. The result was a disaster since the filler failed to set, causing everything to slip. “This was a four-hour train wreck,” Bennii says, “that ended with a drive to the local bakery to replace the cake for a family reunion.” Pinterest, you’re a jerk!”.

A Bowl Issue.

Bakerella’s chocolate bowls may have piqued the curiosity of a slew of Pinterest mums who felt serving treats to kids was a brilliant idea. The concept here is to dip an inflated balloon into a bowl of chocolate and set the chocolate-covered balloon out to set. When the chocolate has firm, pop the balloon and you’ll be left with a chocolate bowl!.

Anyone working with chocolate, on the other hand, should be aware that it is a difficult element to work with if you want it to do exactly what you want. Rachel, a Pinterest user, had too thick chocolate that wouldn’t set or attach to the balloon! .

Deviled Eggs for Easter.

These colorful deviled eggs seem perfect for Easter, since decorating eggs in many colors is already a part of the holiday. Frugal Coupon Living took it a step further and decorated the inside of the egg as well! One would attempt this recipe by putting the boiled egg white halves into food color for a bit, then making the deviled eggs like normal.

Pinterest user Jennifer did exactly that, but wasn’t too pleased with her results! She speculated that she may have over-dyed the eggs. She also notes that next time she won’t dye the egg filling because that made the disaster even worse. Well, at least it didn’t affect the taste!.

Meringue Monsters II: Attack of the Blob is a sequel to Meringue Monsters.

The goal: the pristine meringue Christmas tree cookies on the left. The result: rows of green blobs topped with a smattering of sprinkles and sadness. The issue here seems to be that the hopeful baker on the right probably didn’t achieve the right meringue consistency before they baked the cookies.

Many commenters suggested that the baker should have followed the directions (as given by blog Smart School House ) more adamantly. They should have used the correct ingredients and truly waited until those egg whites formed soft, but stiff and firm peaks of meringue goodness. Or maybe we should just all forget about meringue and leave that to the professionals.

When Frosty Won’t Come to Life.

An Instagram user’s botched attempt to make melting snowman cupcakes is shown at the bottom. To be fair, their cupcake snowman does resemble a sad, melting snowman puddle, but not the “cute” one seen in the top photo.

The top image is a recipe for Chocolaty Melting Snowmen cookies from Better Homes and Gardens. This project’s foundation isn’t even a cupcake; instead, it’s a chocolate biscuit. If you can get the melted snowman decor to look correct, it would look great on either a cookie or a cupcake. But that’s fine; we would have probably done the same thing.

Cookies with a Questionable Past.

When this Instagram user tried to make Design, Dining, and Diapers‘s gluten-free Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cookies, something went wrong halfway through the procedure. The recipe seemed straightforward enough: a gluten-free chocolate cookie with white peppermint icing and a candy cane-flavored Hershey’s Kiss on top. The Pinterest user appears to have mastered the cookie aspect, albeit a smooshed version with some icing that appears to be suspicious.

Instead of a complete Kiss, crushed candy cane pieces would have been a much cuter touch, however the user’s concept didn’t fully translate smoothly into the end product.

Putting Your Best Efforts Into Action.

When user Bubbles attempted the Christmas Vanilla Roll Cake from A Treats Affair, they were only attempting to wow their family at the next holiday party. Needless to say, no one in the family was impressed, because Bubbles probably didn’t even try to bring this up. The spongy monstrosity of a cake didn’t even manage to get its crème filling inside.

Bubbles writes, “I don’t know.” in response to a question about what went wrong. I felt I had done everything correctly.” Bubbles, it’s all right. We’ve all been there, and we’ve all given up. Sometimes it’s just easier to go to the shop , buy something and call it a day.

Frosty with a Sense of Humor.

Cookie ball truffles made with Oreo cookies are a popular and simple snack. They can even be made festive for the occasion, as shown on the left, with some adorable snowman heads wearing small oreo hats. We only have one question for the Instagram user who made the ones on the right: Why are they pink?.

This user appears to have attempted to decorate their snowmen with red sprinkles, which may have worked fine but gives the snowmen the appearance of having chicken pox. However, we are not passing judgment. Even if they didn’t turn out exactly like we wanted, we’re confident they tasted just as delicious.

I’ve Been Very Good This Year, Santa.

The Strawberry Santas recipe, illustrated on the left, is another often imitated holiday delicacy. Unfortunately, as you can see on the right, many have tried and failed. It appears to be simple at first, but it turns out to be rather challenging. Even while it appears that cutting a strawberry in half, piping in some cream, and topping the pointy end with another little puff of cream is all it takes, it may rapidly become a nitpicky effort.

This is most likely due to the small size of the materials you’re working with, as well as the fact that you need to obtain strawberries in the exact form you need for your project. To avoid the cream melting all over the place, you’d have to work swiftly. Perhaps just dipping strawberries into the cream will suffice. In any case, it would taste the same.

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