Extra Virgin Olive Oil The Best Fat In The World?

There are so many theories going around regarding which fats are good for you from which animals or seeds. One of the few fats they do agree on that are good for you is extra virgin olive oil. It has been part and parcel of some of the healthiest nations on the planet.

There have been quite a bit of research behind the health benefits of this oil. What are the benefits that extra virgin olive oil has for us? In order to answer this, we need to start at the beginning.

A simple production processOlive_Oil_1

Olive oil comes from the olive tree. When you press an olive, oil is dispersed. The process is as simple as that. However, as with so many products on the market, there are many fakes on the market. Many brands that claim to be olive oil are simply diluted olive oil and mixed with other cheap oils.

The best version of olive oil on the market is the extra virgin type where natural extraction methods are used and the taste and smell is also different. Authentic extra virgin olive oil’s main health beneficial reason is the powerful phenol antioxidants found in them.


Inflammation is the reason for many diseases like heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. One of the major benefits of extra virgin olive oil is its ability to counteract inflammation. Oleic acid found in olive oil can reduce inflammatory markers.

The main anti-inflammatory effects are in the antioxidants found in olive oil. One of these antioxidants, oleocanthal is a major anti-inflammatory fighter found in extra virgin olive oil. Other substances and proteins found in olive oil also fight inflammation proteins. By consuming extra virgin olive oil, this will help the prevention of inflammation and other diseases.

Fighting heart diseaseHeart-Diseas-Can-Lead-to-Heart-Failure

Two of the major causes of death in humans are heart failures and strokes. In recent studies it has been found that in countries where the consumption of olive oil is in large quantities, that these nations have fewer instances of heart diseases. Hence, the Mediterranean diet was born to copy the diet of these nations that included the use of olive oil. One study showed that this diet reduced heart attacks by up to one third.

Protection against heart disease through olive oil occurs in various ways:

  • Anti-inflammatory: Olive oil protects against inflammation.
  • Blood Clotting Prevention: It prevents blood clots to form by keeping the blood thin.
  • Blood Pressure: High blood pressure is reduced with the use of extra virgin olive oil.

More health benefits

Prevention of cancer

Another major killer is cancer where cancer cells grow inside the body. Although we are all born with cancer cells, antioxidants that are found in extra virgin olive oil reduces the risks of cancer cell growth.

Alzheimer’s disease

This disease is a common form found around the world and a leading cause of dementia in especially older people. The neurons in the brain build proteins called amyloidal plaques and that olive oil has a certain substance that clears these plaques. If we go back to the Mediterranean diet example, it has showed positive results in brain function.


Fatty acids react with oxygen during cooking and these cells become damaged during the oxidization process. Saturated fats are resistant to high heat and polyunsaturated fats oxidize and thus damage it.

Olive oil, which contains monounsaturated fatty acids, is fairly resistant to heat. In tests where extra virgin olive oil was used for frying, the oil was highly resistant to heat and showed damage after 27 hours.  Olive oil is good for cooking and offers a healthy alternative to other unhealthy oils. Major Chefs all around the world only cook with olive oil and the properties of this oil makes it not only a healthy alternative, but also a tasty one.

Summary of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

It is very clear that extra virgin olive oil is extremely healthy for you and a great fighter against inflammation and heart disease. It is a super food that will get you healthy and ensure you stay healthy.

Ensure that you buy pure extra virgin olive oil and not diluted versions of so-called olive oil. Do your home work and ensure that the right brand is bought.

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