Farmers are shaming their chickens for committing ‘crimes,’ and this may be America’s Next Most Wanted.

Chickens may not commit heinous crimes in the criminal justice system. They’re not like most pets in that they have a job to do, which is to lay eggs. Some of the chickens on this list have actually given up their jobs and chosen to live a life of rebellion.

Others started torturing other creatures, including chickens. These chickens have fallen short of expectations, and their owners are letting them know. They’re so mischevious that they could end up on as a highly wanted criminal one day. is a placeholder for They’re so mischevious that they could end up on as a highly wanted criminal one day..

The Croaky Chicken is a kind of chicken that has a croaky.

What do you mean? Chickens can eat frogs, which I didn’t know. It’s as if they kill mice but just consume the brain before fleeing.

You’re also expected to kiss the frog in the hopes of it changing into something lovely. This chicken, on the other hand, is unconcerned with what they did.

It’s a plane, it’s a bird, and it’s the Easter Chicken!.

Farmers enrolling their chickens in Easter Bunny 101 classes comes as no surprise. If only they produced eggs that were brightly colored.

It would add a lot of excitement to the holiday, and we wouldn’t have to make them ourselves. It will save a lot of time hiding them for Easter this way.

This should be read with a Scots accent.

After a long night of drinking, waking up to the music of their people is awful.

At the very least, this chicken is attractive enough not to offend anyone on the farm. If chickens could be singers, this one would be known as Lugwig van Chicken-hoven, to think about it.

Have you ever seen a chicken’s guilty expression? There’ll be more on that later.

Now Available in Poultry!.

She’s exaggerating, so we’re dealing with an unjust gender view here. When you look cute and bossy at the same time, it’s okay to be a bossy chicken.

This chicken has political ambitions, but her owner is stopping her from realizing them.

They Learned from the Dog.

Perhaps their diets require more roughage. Unlike the puppy, who is nowhere to be found, they are at least courageous enough to face the beat.

It’s fine, though; those notes were chicken scratch, and that’s how they politely say “eat me” to humans.

It’s not always appropriate to chest bump animals that aren’t your own.

The Face Of Guilt, Ladies And Gentlemen.

If you think this chicken shouldn’t be indoors, calm down; it might be a house pet. The chicken’s face, on the other hand, is decent enough to convict it of murder.

That, on the other hand, is a proud expression, and they’ll most likely go take another dump in the washer machine.

The Flock Has Gone Astray.

This rooster didn’t just decide to go missing on his own. He was accompanied by his whole flock. This family seems to live in a suburb, which adds to the hilarity.

Consider a herd of chickens and roosters marching down the street. Jasmine didn’t make it back, and she’s probably kicking herself for following this rooster.

The Nice One, The Slightly Annoying One, and The Very Annoying One are the three types of people.

At the very least, this humiliating plaque is hopeful. Tag yourself or a friend; the irritating one is likely to appear more often than the other two.

It’s almost as if you’re playing Fortnite with a team. There’s the pro, the noob, and the mindless fool who keeps dying.

You’ve got this, kid.

Do you want to tell us about the kitty’s antics? For someone who wants to be respected by another species, that’s a true chick magnet.

To think, if there was a Wrestlemania for chickens, we might expect this chick to face off against the cat in the battle of the century.

One TV show host has the response if one chick doesn’t know the father of their ten children.

It’s like when your five-year-old destroys your computer’s files.


They’re perplexed by the “silver” shells, which may be a tactic to promote laying. Those balls seem to be made of tinfoil, but how is anybody supposed to know for sure?.

Oh well, all we know is that this chicken has been causing havoc on the farm for over two decades.

Oh, my goodness! How Do You Do That?.

For you, that must be a delectable treat. Some people may believe it is common for chickens to eat unviable eggs in order to replenish their protein stores.

Her diet, on the other hand, was deficient in calcium, which she needs in order to make the shells.

Only’s a question that Maury Povich should answer.

On today’s episode of Maury,, we have a chicken who has no idea who his father is. And the young ones were likely unaware of their mother’s identity, as the two may have swapped nests and brooded each other’s eggs.

They’ll have to find out whether the father found his creator through the grapevine because they don’t have child support.

Chickens can be so picky about what they wear in public.

Nose Rings Are a Thing of the Past.

That’s one fashion-conscious lady for someone who eats nose rings. It may have looked better on someone else, but they thought it was just a fly that needed to be swatted away.

As a result, they had no choice but to choose the one thing their owner dislikes wearing.

Roosters are in charge of human training.

Pavlov is the rooster’s name, and he’s taking copious notes for future reference. It’s funny to see a chicken who played the humans like a fiddle.

They wouldn’t yell at the back door as much if the mother started carrying treats.

The Flip Flop Can Be Judgmental at Times.

This may be a potential love bond, but I believe this hen was raised by humans and has taken their owner’s shoes for lurve purposes.

This is, without a doubt, one of the most unusual instances on the list, and it needs to be recognized.

Chickens behave in strange ways.

That necessitates the use of a chicken door.

Do you know anyone else who enjoys chicken doors? Badgers are a type of animal. Only kidding, but this lady, like a young child learning to ride a bike for the first time, needs some instruction.

They’ll be better than anyone who lives in a safe house until they avoid escaping the coop.

The term “wild” refers to a state of mind.

She has a wild bird’s beard, which seems to suit her style. She’s as intelligent as her peers because she understands one crucial reality.

Sleeping high to avoid predators has long been a tradition among ancestral chickens. Their UFC is roosters fighting other roosters.

This Chicken Tastes Like Bananas.

What an unapologetically impressive chicken. That expression on their face screams, “Whatcha going to do about it, human?”.

Nonetheless, it’s strange that this chicken prefers bananas to whatever else they want to eat.

Pumpkins are good for you, but chickens don’t have time to dress up in Martha Stewart’s country Verdana.

They’re tactical down to the last scrap of food. Since the chickens secretly love the pumpkins, only farmers will take this as a compliment.

That’ll suffice.

When his family’s house rooster stretched his wings and started “talking,” my friend’s cats would jump.

The rooster simply desired love and enjoyed being petted while sitting on someone’s lap. Some chickens aspire to be felines.

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