The Spartacus Fitness Routines for Weight Loss

Circuit style workouts have gained popularity over the last few years.  The Spartacus fitness routines for weight loss is more efficient and effective then traditional cardio routines.

Fitness specialists told everyone that aerobic exercise is the best solution for burning calories.  The idea started when a book about running as published in 1977.  The book was called Jim Fixx’s The Complete Book of Running, and it kicked off the jogging boom in the 1980s.  Since that time, hundreds of studies have reported that aerobic routines provide other benefits too, such as heart disease prevention and metal stress relieve.

However, if you want to shed fat, the latest books will recommend other exercise routines.  According to Jeff Volek, Ph.D., any kind of exercise will burn calories, but his research helped him understand the superiority of aerobic fitness routines for fat loss.  During one study, Volek and a team of scientists put several overweight people on a low-calorie diet and divided them in groups.  One group couldn’t exercise, one group couldn’t perform aerobic routines, and the last group couldn’t perform any weight training or aerobic exercise.

After the study was complete, nearly the same amount of weight was lost by each group.  Each individual lost nearly 21 pounds in 12 weeks.  However, the lifters lost 5 addition pounds of fat.

The Spartacus Fitness Routines for Weight Loss – The New Science Of Burning Calories

Exercise specialists use advanced techniques to estimate energy expenditure for jogging and walking, and they apply the data to weightlifting.  Though, anaerobic and aerobic exercise routines differ, so the way the energy is estimated will also differ.

The Spartacus workout has achieved success in the fitness industry because people used the product and lost weight.  Scientifically based procedures are included in each volume of the series.  The fitness trainers understand that weight training is required to prevent muscle loss.  Weight training also boosts your metabolism hours after the exercise routines are complete.  According to the Spartacus workout creators, higher-intensity routines provide greater fat loss results, such as interval training.

Over time, the Spartacus workout designers slowly dropped aerobic routines from their fat-loss programs.  As a result, their clients loss weight quicker.

Fitness Routines for Weight Loss

The Spartacus Workout Plan – What Is It And Why It Is Successful

The Spartacus workout plan involves 10 exercises that work out each part of your body collectively.  Each exercise challenges your lungs, heart, and muscles.  The final product burns fat and defines various areas, such as the abs, chest, and arms.

You must do the circuit training three days each week.  One set of each exercise should be performed in succession.  Each exercise routine is 60 seconds long.  You must do as many reps as possible in correct form and then move to the next station.  Give yourself time so that you can move between stations.  You should rest for two minutes after you compete a circuit.

Basic Station Routine Examples

The Goblet Squat

The goblet squat routine involves using a dumbbell.  Hold it with both hands vertically near your chest.  Your feet should be placed slightly beyond the width of your shoulders.  Keep your back arched, bend your knees, and position your hips back.  Next, lower your body so that your thighs are parallel to the ground.  Pause while close to the ground and return to the starting position.

Fitness Routines for Weight Loss

Mountain Climber

From the pushup position, place your hands on the ground while your arms are completely straight.  Your body should be a straight line from your toes to your head.  Next, lift your right foot from the ground slowly to your chest.  Go back to the starting position and use the same procedure with your other leg.

Fitness Routines for Weight Loss

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