How to Improve Your Body’s Immune Function

Certain compounds that are found in blueberries and red grapes can help to improve your immune function.  These natural compounds work with vitamin D and specific genes to enhance your overall immune functioning.  Your body’s ability to fight off infections and inflammations is improved, with your regular ingestion of these important fruits.  Be sure to share these new health tips with your social media friends and family.

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How Blueberries and Red Grapes Help Your Body’s Immune Function

Both red grapes and blueberries have compounds that work with vitamin D.  These compounds are a triple threat against infections and inflammations, that are critical precursors for many of your body’s diseases.  The following details can help you choose these important fruits for their antioxidant and antibiotic qualities:

  • Both of these fruits have a certain peptide or CAMP gene that is centrally involved in your immune function.  This important peptide has a scientific name called human cathelicidin antimicrobial peptide.  The compound found in these fruits is called a stilbenoid compound, that includes the resveratrol in red grapes and the pterostilbene in blueberries.
  • There is a critical synergy that occurs with your intake of vitamin D and your CAMP gene.  This gene plays an important role in your natural immune system and is your body’s front line defense against infections and inflammations.  Your body’s first response can help you to fend off  infections.
  • A regular intake of these important fruits can act as your natural defense against infections and other harmful toxins in your daily environment.  There is another interesting correlation that has been discovered between your own vitamin D levels and how your CAMP gene or protective gene effectively functions.

Triple Threat Protection

Blueberries and red grapes have their own triple threat protective qualities against toxic contaminants in your environment.  Blueberries have a compound called an anthocyanin that helps your body function the right way.  This important natural compound helps your vision function correctly and helps to improve your circulation.  Your brain activity is improved when you eat these important fruits.  One compound that is found in blueberries is the pterostilbene factor, that your body uses to protect against excessive cholesterol build up.  This natural compound helps to keep your cholesterol in check.  Blueberry epicatechins are curative substances that can be found in other fruits, including cranberries.  Epicatechins are used by your body to improve your urinary tract health.

Mediterranean and Central Asian Red Grapes

Dark grapes or red grapes are native to the Mediterranean region of the world and can be found abundantly in central Asia, also.  This important fruit is a rich supply of an antioxidant called polyphenolic.  This dark grape has important supplies of an antioxidant called anthocyanin that is found in blueberries, also.  These antioxidants are used by your body to fight off infections and damaging toxins.  Grapes and blueberries are ranked with blackberries, as important food sources for infection fighting antioxidants.

Meals With Blueberries and Red Grapes

Blueberries are available fresh or frozen year round.  Dried blueberries are a good choice, also.  Wild blueberries are smaller and darker, and their flavor tends to be more intense.  Fresh blueberries are in your grocery stores in August and September.  Be sure to select the berries that are dark and plump with a white bloom.

Blueberry and hazelnut muffins give you a rich fiber and a good source of protein.  Blueberry and cucumber smoothies are a low calorie breakfast meal or an afternoon refreshing snack.

Grapes can be eaten fresh or dried as raisins.  Seedless grapes are popular, but the grapes without seeds tend to have a reduced phyto chemical content.  Phyto chemicals are used by your body to fight against bacterias.  Grapes can be made into jams, jellies and grape wines.

Other Direct Health Uses for Grapes

Grape seeds provide a type of edible oil.  A grape seed supplement is available for direct consumer purchase.  Grape seeds have been used to strengthen capillary walls.  It has been used to treat venous insufficiency and edema that has occurred after surgery.  The seed of the grape is a treatment that reduces blood clots.  Grapes are rich in ellagic acid, which is a flavonoid that helps to fight cancer, also.

Grape juices are used to fight against cancers and to reduce inflammation.  These juices can help to detoxify the activity of some cancer causing substances.  Concord grape juice can help to protect your healthy cells from chemical carcinogens and their effects.  Grape juice has been shown to reduce the size of human tumors and to reduce the number of tumors that develop.  The pigments in grape juice have been proven to help your immune system’s responsiveness to infections and inflammations.

Brain health has been improved with the regular ingestion of purple grape juice.  It tended to delay neuro degenerative diseases and improve memory.

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