Let’s Take A Deep Dive Into Meme Culture Now That We’ve Reached Peak Meme.

Memes aren’t only something that your parents don’t get. But don’t laugh too hard at them; they were the ones who invented the modern-day meme. They aren’t solely a result of the Internet, though. The name “meme” is derived from the Ancient Greek term “imitator, pretender,” indicating that it has a lengthy history.

This in-depth study at the origins of our modern-day memes will expand your meme knowledge, whether you’re an enthusiastic meme maker and user or simply appreciate them as they appear on your Instagram timeline. The first modern meme is more than 100 years old! is a placeholder for The first modern meme is more than 100 years old!.

What Is the Pronounciation of Meme?.

Although it may seems strange, the term “meme” was coined by a scientist. Richard Dawkins is an evolutionary biologist who has sparked debate. In 1976, he published The Selfish Gene, a book about evolution.

He defines a meme as “any cultural concept, habit, or style that may be replicated” in his book. The word comes from the Ancient Greek term “mimeme,” which meaning “imitator.” Dawkins intended to shorten the word, and the word “meme” sounded similar to the word “gene.” That definition should put an end to the long-running argument over how to pronounce the word. If someone argues with you, remind them that the word is supposed to rhyme with “gene.” The game is over.

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