Oh no! With their hilarious drawings, these kids unintentionally revealed their parents’ secrets.

“Kids say the darndest things!” is a saying that sums it up well. In one example, children drew the most bizarre things, unwittingly revealing behaviors that their parents might like to keep hidden. This collection features some of the funniest kid doodles ever!.

Transformation of a Mother.

There’s no greater way to be called out than by your children, who have witnessed you at your worst and best. It’s easy to forget that little eyes are watching you at all times, yet they are. This pic is one of the funniest examples of this. The mother’s metamorphosis has been highly reported. From her “going out look” replete with red lipstick, eyelashes, and pink high heels to how mom looks when she wakes up in absolute disarray with wide eyes and crazy hair — this kid nailed it! We believe this teeny-tiny critic has a bright career in comedy.

Problems with being chubby.

We’ve got one of those early primary projects where a kid is learning how to put entire phrases together. While there was most likely some context missing, the student who was filling out their homework took it upon themselves to provide a creative and honest response. “My dad,” the child said in response to the query, “Who ate the most at the picnic?” He has a fat physique. He has an issue.” Ouch, that’s one way to deal with a growing weight problem, though the parent in this scenario would certainly prefer it wasn’t directed at his child’s teacher and class. If there’s one thing you can count on small children for, it’s the cold truth.

The World’s Greatest.. Farter?.

What a sweetie. This sweet little boy chose to make his father a card that reads, “World’s greatest father!” Oh, wait, he crossed out father and replaced it with the word “farter.” This is the ideal fart joke for dads, who are the world’s greatest fart joke aficionados. The smaller picture, which appears to depict a toxic gaseous cloud with a skull and crossbones poison symbol in the midst, is even better. Maybe the youngster who wrote this is on their way to becoming a master of dad jokes. If that is the case, he is off to an excellent start.

The Mom Fake Out is a parody of a parody of a par.

This card took a nasty turn, just like the prior one, which began out incredibly nice and aww-worthy. “Thank you, Mom, for being such a beautiful, compassionate person.. and for not preparing your meatloaf any longer.” For Mom’s food to be the subject of a card, it had to be rather bad. On second consideration, this card appears to have been produced by a sly adolescent. Either that, or this small child despises meatloaf. Oh well, we’re sure this mom was overjoyed to receive a card, regardless of the occasion. At the very least, her child recognized that she is a great and compassionate person!.

An Overabundance of Honesty.

To unwind from the stresses of a busy week, most moms might have a glass of wine. This mother may engage in the behavior more regularly now that her child has noticed it. To their mother’s dismay, their youngster opted to share their mother’s passion for wine with the entire class. Fortunately for the mother, we’re confident that the only person who will comprehend this is a teacher. At least it will be a funny memory to look back on one day and we’re sure it was a pretty funny moment for the teacher as well.

It’s All About Dad.

A small child is participating in one of those “all about dad or mom” tasks in this illustration. In this situation, the problem is with Dad. For the part of the assignment that describes what dad does for a living, this kid says he is simply an “employee” which is a pretty hilarious yet apt response. And for what dad enjoys doing, the answer is equally funny – “drinking”. But when your kid thinks that’s all you enjoy doing you might want to question whether you are taking part in drinking a little bit too much!.

The Fart Files are a collection of stories about people who fart a lot.

This one again comes from the “fart files” and instead of the typical dad, this kid has drawn their mom totally letting one loose. Moms are typically a little bit more touchy about their farts so she was probably none too pleased about being drawn this way. Let’s hope this wasn’t one of those assignments that teachers end up posting on the wall outside the classroom. That might be a little more humiliating than the teacher alone seeing it, however, it would definitely give the rest of the school — especially all the other parents — a laugh.

Ellen Lover is a writer.

Here is another assignment in which the child had to talk about their parent and describe what they do in their life. Most kids would probably write about their mom the doctor or their dad the mechanic, however, in this case the child talked a little bit more about leisure time. This kiddo said their mom sits around watching Ellen all day. While this is pretty hilarious, we’re sure that even if mom stays at home she does a little bit more than sitting around in front of the TV. Then again, who can help themselves when it comes to Ellen?.

Fantastic wine.

When asked what mom should do less of, many children may respond that punishments should be eliminated or that they should chat on the phone less. This child, on the other hand, proposes that Mom drink less wine. That suggests she’s undoubtedly seen her mother overindulge, so she should heed her children’s counsel. At the very least, her child sketched her in a gorgeous pink outfit surrounded by love and bright colors. When she’s at school, this parent might want her daughter to divulge a little less about her “wine nights”!.

My father is eight years old.

Here’s another one that isn’t quite a drawing but is still quite amusing. Teachers frequently have children fill out these questionnaires since their responses are always amusing. For example, this youngster believes her father is “eight years old,” that his favorite cuisine is beer, that he is amusing when he farts, and that the two like going to the dollar store together. This small girl appears to have a keen eye on her father, and he was bound to be amused when she brought it home. Let’s hope they framed this one since it’ll be adorable to look back on in the future.

The Mommy-Daddy Distinction.

Evan’s elementary school class received a beautiful artwork of his mother and father. Are you able to tell the difference? Of course, it’s because mommy is surrounded by a cloud of “love,” whereas her father is surrounded by a different kind of gaseous cloud. Another dad fart joke, you guessed it. There’s something about fathers and farts that seems to go together. It appears to be a typical occurrence in any given household that fathers are the most flatulent of all. The teacher also responded by slapping a quite amusing sticker on the paper that simply said, “Wow!”.

Money is what keeps the world turning.

Shira made this adorable card for her aunt. She expresses her gratitude to her Aunt, or “Tita,” for always loving and caring for her. Shira also mentions that she is aware of her Aunt’s fondness for money, which is a very amusing remark for a toddler. “But I have none at this time, SORRY,” she continues. Instead, she creates an emoji with money symbols for eyes and some cash. Well, you know what they say: it’s all in the mind. It’s obvious that this little girl adores her Aunt and would gladly give her money if she had any at her tender age.

The Mother of All Evil.

Let’s hope this one didn’t get turned in to school because it would certainly raise some questions. First, the child drew a “evil snake” that appeared to have devoured a “evil mum.” “I don’t like people!” exclaims the Evil Mom. Oh, no! When they were drawing this image, this tiny kid was clearly not pleased with their mother. Perhaps this child want a pet snake, but his mother refused. In any event, we hope they’ve gotten over their fear of having a “evil mother” before they have to turn in another art project to class!.

This is my news.

It seems like a lot of moms these days definitely enjoy imbibing in wine. Another one from the “wine files.” This kiddo’s class writes down their daily news and what happened in their lives that was important to them. For this little boy, he got to go play with his friend Lucas but his mom also “got drunk”. Perhaps, she wasn’t actually drunk and just enjoyed a drink or two. It’s even funnier that the teacher responded with “Oh goodness me. It’s important for mom to let her hair down once in a while.” Although there’s a good chance the teacher probably totally relates to mom in this instance.

Facebook adoration.

Ah yes, a new generational problem: social media. This child created a comic book strip for class and told some interesting truths about their parents. They wrote, “My dad is allergic to Facebook but my mom loves it!” It seems as though many men are not fans of Facebook although their better halves remain plugged into the social media stratosphere. It’s pretty funny that this little kiddo was already that paying so much attention to mom and dad to make such an astute observation. We can only imagine what social media will be like by the time this little kid is in a marriage of their own.

Parents, rock ’em and sock ’em.

This drawing seems to be done on one of those kid menus they give you at restaurants to occupy the youngsters while you wait for your order. The drawing left behind for the waitress to find is pretty funny. This kid drew a wrestling ring complete with a WWE sign. Then, the kid made sure to label the two stick figures as their mom and dad. Clearly, Mom and Dad were not having the best dinner and were probably arguing a good bit. Through the eyes of a child, it might have seemed as though they were in their very own wrestling match. Either that or the kid is a huge fan of wrestling.

The Scary Joke is a joke that is intended to scare people.

We’re hoping this is a prank. At the very least, the caption appears to have been written by an adult. “Today I had a good time with mum and dad and the cat,” it says. This time, even the demon left us alone..” Oh, no! Hopefully, this is just someone having a good time and not a true Poltergeist scenario. Perhaps it’s simply someone’s warped comedy, but the “devil” in question looks a lot like the scary creature from the movie The Babadook. In any case, picture being a teacher and receiving this drawing from a student. Someone is absolutely going to the guidance counselor!.

Mommy is a role model for her children.

When it first went viral several years ago, this youngster drawing received a lot of attention throughout the Internet. While the youngster appears to be depicting the mother on a pole with people handing her money, the original poster stated that they work at Home Depot. The image appears to feature the mother wielding some sort of instrument (maybe a shovel?) and people shopping at the store. At least, such was the “narrative.” We’re sure the instructor who received this drawing had a good laugh at the expense of this poor mother!.

The Dad Science Project is a group of dads that are interested in science.

This child is in a science lesson where they are learning about solids, liquids, and gases. This could indicate that they were old enough to know better than to make such a joke, yet they went ahead and did it anyway. They chose to include a photo of their father passing gas in the “gases” section. They are technically correct. In any case, figuring out what to draw for a gas would be challenging. Even funny is the fact that there is a person shouting in dissatisfaction in the backdrop of the artwork, likely the child who drew it. We’re curious if this kid received any points for their inventive response.

Lunches at school aren’t up to par.

We’ve got a brilliant kid on our hands. They understand that they may not be able to get what they want in their lunch every day just by asking their parents, so they must make a suggestion to their teacher. If the teacher believes that all they eat at lunch is stale Cheetos, the teacher may approach the parent to discuss the quality of their child’s lunches.

This is a deliberate move on the part of this boy, and you have to admire his effort. This kid could very possibly become the world’s ruler one day.

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