Red Bull And Energy Drinks Effects On Alcohol Consumption

Energy drinks are a quick and easy way to get a quick burst of energy in the midst of a busy day. These drinks have become very popular in recent years and they have even begun to make appearances in bars as a carrier for alcohol. Drinks like Red Bull are rumored to make the effects of alcohol not as unpleasant when it comes to being impaired or hung over the next day. Unfortunately these claims are not true and energy drinks are actually very unhealthy for people who consume them with or without alcohol. Not only are there high doses of caffeine in each energy drink but also there are caffeine-like stimulants such as ginseng and guarana. The artificial sweeteners and chemicals in these products make them a very unhealthy pick-me-up option.



Each can of energy drink, such as Red Bull, contains approximately 200 milligrams of caffeine. To understand how much caffeine this is, consider that one can of Pepsi contains about 34 milligrams of caffeine. To bring even more energy to the table, the guarana and the ginseng in the product increase the caffeine-like effects the drink has. People like to drink alcohol with Red Bull because typically when you drink too much you get tired and slow down a bit. The energy drink is supposed to counteract those effects. It will, but that does not mean the alcohol is not affecting your ability to function properly and safely. Drinking this much caffeine while consuming alcohol can be very dangerous for your health. This type of lifestyle will cause a spike in a person’s heart rate and their blood pressure will rise. This can lead to stroke or heart attack in an otherwise healthy person. Palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath and dehydration are other nasty side effects of mixing an energy drink with alcohol.

Artificial Sugar

The majority of most energy drinks end up containing artificial sweeteners.  This is because after drinking an energy drink a person will not experience a severe sugar crash or feel tired. Sugar can cause crashes after consumption. Artificial sweeteners will sweeten a drink and make it much more palatable but they don’t have the same effects on the body that plain old table sugar will. Artificial sweeteners can be very dangerous, however. All of the commonly used artificial sugars like aspartame and sucralose can negatively affect the nervous system and other vital organs. When you combine artificial sweeteners and alcohol you are creating quite a toxic cocktail!


There are a lot of bars and clubs that are sellin energy drinks mixed with a liquor. This m cocktail can create quite a buzz but it can be very dangerous.  The caffeine and other stimulants in the Red Bull energy drink can somewhat mask how intoxicated you are because you might not find you feel tired or groggy which might be a typical symptom of intoxication for you. People might decide to drink more and even worse, could get behind the wheel of a car which puts everyone’s lives at risk.

Energy drinks such as Red Bull really are not beneficial in any way. They should be avoided in order to maintain proper health. There are so many different natural alternatives that can boost a person’s energy levels without hurting their body. There are a number of vitamins that can be taken daily such as the entire family of B vitamins. Vitamin C boosts energy and so will Vitamin D. It is ok to go out once in awhile and consume alcohol as a way to relax and enjoy yourself but it should be done in moderation and it should not be mixed with an energy drink. This recipe really is dangerous and it is not at all healthy.

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