Several Reasons Why the Netherlands Should Never Be a Travel Destination

People often make plans to travel different countries in an effort to witness something new for themselves, whether these be sights, sounds or experiences that should be memorable.  It doesn’t really take much of a genius, however, to figure out that the Netherlands is one of the absolute worst places you can ever visit.  Trust us, if there is any destination in your bucket list that you should cross out without hesitation, it’s this place.  Come on, seriously… Why on earth would you ever want to go there, anyway?  Should we come up with reasons why it’s not even worth stepping foot in?  Fine.


1.)  Does this look like a place worthy of some reflection for you?     


Photo courtesy of tomroeleveld

There is absolutely nothing in here that comes close to being interesting.  Look at that, it’s just plain, flat land.  There’s no sense of mysticism and surrealism to be found here at all.  Good luck rolling around in boredom.

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