The Funniest Best Man Photos Ever: When The Third Wheel Keeps Rolling.

The bride and maid of honor are usually the females that steal the show at any wedding. However, if you look closely at a wedding album, you’ll notice that the best man and groom usually have the most amusing antics. The best males, if these photos are any indication, are the life of the party! These are some of the funniest and most heartfelt groom and best man images ever!.

The Third Wheel is a fictional character.

When Brittney and Kody Frysinger decided to tie the knot, they both knew they needed a special someone to accompany them. Mitch Jolliff, Kody’s long-time friend and best man, is the guy in question. Mitch and Kody’s bond is so strong that the soon-to-be-wed pair wanted Mitch to join them for the bridal engagement and wedding shots. Of course, Mitch played perfectly into the stereotype of the best man being irritated when his best friend gets whisked away by a girl friend. Mitch, on the other hand, is overjoyed for his closest buddy and the love of his life. “These kids are just so much fun to be around and they would do anything I asked of them,” said photographer Lindsey Berger of Country Roads Photography, who summed up the entire circus. And those are the best kinds of customers: those that don’t take themselves too seriously and know how to have a good time.

Taking It Apart.

Every groom requires a best man who will, in this case, practically break it down with him. The wedding photographer caught these two pals doing some outrageous dance moves. The most joyful element of the snapshot is clearly the groom and his best man, who were clearly overjoyed for the big day. They appear to be quite at ease while performing this rather out-of-date dancing routine, which leads us to believe that some practice has gone into it. We’re curious as to what kind of dance routines these gentlemen performed at the wedding reception!.

The Guardian.

The best man’s major responsibility is to always have the groom’s back. This gentleman did not disappoint in that regard. There is no way he could take his job more seriously than actually bringing a shotgun to a wedding photoshoot, to indicate just how serious he is about protecting his buddy and his bride. Unless, of course, the shotgun is implying something quite else. This entire snapshot appears like it could have been taken on the set of a movie, yet it is real life. This wedding photo will undoubtedly be treasured for many years to come!.

Bringing in the Reserves.

Although this shot isn’t officially of the best man, it was obviously taken by him. The original caption for this photo provided a fascinating story from the perspective of a wedding attendee. When the best man requested for the rings while the unknowing visitor sat at a friend’s wedding, things got interesting. “I don’t have them,” the best man answered as the groom extended his hand. The remainder of the bridal party soon followed suit, but to no avail. Then this roller-skating gentlemen slid down the aisle in one fluid motion. That was a move you’ll remember for the rest of your life!.

The Ideal Bromance.

This entire photo set showcases the fantastic bromance between friends John Taylor and Andy Pemberton. The two have been best friends for over a decade. While the two are definitely close, they also clearly love to play up the humor in their friendship. John describes their friendship as “mutual idiocy”. When he began to plan his wedding with fiancée Lisa, the two buds decided to have some fun with a photoshoot. Often, the bride and bridesmaids will go all out in a photoshoot spectacular but this time the guys decided to have some fun. Their theme? The “ultimate bromance.” Taking in some TV while relaxing in two adjacent bathtubs? We don’t think a bromance can get any better than that.

This is the sweetest Best Man story I’ve ever heard.

When KC Schafer started to plan his proposal to his future wife, Sarah, his 90-year-old grandfather Charles was by his side. KC took Charles with him when he picked out the engagement ring, so it only made sense that when the time came, KC would ask his grandfather to be his best man. KC said it best: “He has been my role model and idol since I was a little kid. I spend so much time with him. He pretty much modeled me into the man I am today.” Although Charles was unsure if KC would want “an old man up there”, KC couldn’t imagine anyone else as his best man. Charles also noted, “I was in eight weddings before and six of them I was the best man. When I wasn’t the best man they got divorced. But every one of the six when I was the best man, they were together ‘til they died.” Sounds like KC and Sarah are off to a great start!.

The Tricycling Duo is a duo of three cyclists.

Some of the best bromances are the ones that are a little too immature. Friendships that make you wish you could go back to being a kid. That is unmistakably true of the couple depicted here. The groom and best man took advantage of the fact that the wedding was held at a church with a children’s playground. What did they find out? There are tricycles! It doesn’t get much more ludicrous or entertaining than two mature men riding around on a tricycle. We’re curious if these two have been pals since they were toddlers — it would make for an adorable flashback photo comparison!.

The dependable Steed.

Your best man may certainly be compared to a “faithful steed” – assuming he’s a good one. A best man should be dependable, someone you can contact no matter what’s happening on in your life. This group of wacky guys took that to heart and tried to produce a physical representation for the wedding photographer. Either that or there was a bit too much free-flowing alcohol. We’re sure everyone at the wedding will remember the groom and best man’s antics. Not to add the unsettling horse mask!.

Master of the Dance Floor.

Some of the best friendships are those in which you can be completely yourself, including being a complete freak. That message was taken to heart by this best man and groom, as seen by the fact that they are crushing it on the dance floor! You can even tell how enthralled the rest of the wedding party and guests, including the bride, are as they watch the antics unfold. If this is how the guys were acting at the actual wedding, we can only imagine what kind of insane debauchery they probably got into during the bachelor party!.

Too Cool To Go To School.

These guys keep their sunglasses on at night and aren’t scared to break a dance. In fact, it appears as if the two are performing a rehearsed dance. While choreography has been all the rage in recent years, it makes it even better when members of the wedding party surprise the bride or groom. In comparison with the previous groom and best man dancing photo, we have to say these guys look a bit more skilled in the moves department. We’re curious as to what tune they were jamming to! .

The Authentic Best Man.

Everyone knows that man’s best buddy, the dog, is the true best guy. No one can match the unconditional affection that your best dog friend can provide. Some grooms have chosen to go a step further and actually have their beloved pet serve in their wedding as their best man. Dogs definitely have all the qualities needed for a best man: dependable, loyal, and can probably keep track of the wedding ring. Not to mention, dogs aren’t with us forever. So what better way to memorialize their memory forever than the most special day of your life?.

Brothers aren’t afraid to speak their minds.

This photo shows Craig Bain from Buckie, Scotland who served as his brother Ryan’s best man. Craig really went all out in his duties and decided to craft a hilarious song rather than say a run of the mill speech. The song was set to the tune of “The Wild Rover”, an old Irish folk song. The hilariousness of the song made it immediately go viral. Some of the lyrics included: “Well I have known Ryan for 22 years, I still can’t believe he got Cherie [the bride] here. Now once I have versed and dropped my guitar, Ryan is treating us to a free bar.” He also made some off-the-cuff remarks and gave his brother a hard time as per usual with siblings.


This adorable wedding photo shows the bond between the groom and best man, who is clearly stoked his friend landed such a beautiful bride. It’s always nice to see friends that are truly happy for one another, especially when it concerns entering into a new phase of your life. Perhaps even more hilarious in this photo is the face of the maid of honor, who looks totally fed up with the goofiness shared between the groom and best man. Maybe she is not quite as stoke that she’s losing her best girl to marriage!.

Toast from Itchycoo Park.

This crazy looking Best Man definitely took the party-loving ways of his role to new heights. This gentleman is shown holding cue cards with the lyrics of the song “Itchycoo Park” by the Small Faces, presumably for the rest of the wedding party and guests to sing along with. We aren’t sure of the significance of the song but judging by the groom’s face he takes singing along very seriously. Also, is it just us or is he kind of dressed like Jim Carrey’s character from Dumb and Dumber ?.

Hands in the Air!.

If there’s one thing about taking staged wedding photos that’s unpleasant, it’s figuring out what to do with your hands. This hilarious groom and best man combination decided to go over and beyond by throwing out jazz hands! The two appeared to be ecstatic to be there on such a memorable day, and they also appeared to be capable of performing a rousing rendition of a Broadway song and dance routine. We assume this combo has some dancing history because many males wouldn’t jump to jazz hands immediately away. We can only hope that there was some entertaining choreography during the wedding reception.

Best Buds are affectionately referred to as “Affectionate Best Buds.”.

A best man plants a kiss on the cheek of his closest buddy, the groom, in this lovely shot. It just so happens that the groom is a Marine in full dress uniform, which only adds to the sweetness of the occasion. Marines have a reputation for being one of the hardest military forces, so seeing one of them let his best friend to kiss him on the cheek is quite touching! Despite the fact that the best man is not wearing a uniform, it’s plausible that the two served together, explaining their close bond. What a joy it is to have such a wonderful bromance!.

Some Light Reading.

John Taylor and Andy Pemberton are back for a second time on the list. The pals documented their day with a series of humorous images, including one of them resting in a bathtub. They also started the shoot by posing in bed for “spooning” photographs! Katie Byram, a photographer, remarked on her time photographing best friends. “Normally, I photograph gentlemen tying their ties and buttonholes,” she explained, “but they wanted something a lot less traditional and a lot more fun.” Throughout much of it, we were giggling uncontrollably.” When Lisa, the bride, saw the images for the first time, she fell in love with them and they even produced a wedding album! “I believe Lisa is aware that Andy is included in the package,” Katie, the photographer, stated.

Friendships on the internet are the same as friendships in real life.

When Charles Powell, then 28 years old, planned to marry his now-wife Myra, he realized he’d have to enlist the help of his closest friends. It just so happened that these two greatest friends met on the internet. When Charles was 13 years old, he met his buddies on Xbox Live for the first time. The four buddies had been playing Xbox together for years but had never met in person until the day before the wedding. The four gentlemen were from various states. Joe Walters was the first person Charles met, followed by William Brown and Joey Morris, two of their other pals. Charles later shared his experience on Twitter with a photo and the message “online buddies are genuine friends,” which sparked a flood of responses from other Internet users who had met their pals online. Oh, and Charles met his wife, Myra, on OkCupid as well.

The most amazing photo collection ever.

Look no further if you’re a groom and best man looking for the perfect wedding photo shoot. These guys have made sure to cover all of the bases. These guys are experiencing a wide range of emotions, including panic, excitement, love, and fear. There’s something for everyone here. But, truly, the photographs are stunning, with incredible camera work, and they do a great job of illustrating the complexities of friendship. Although most wedding photoshoots focus on the bride, we believe it’s fantastic that men are now joining in the fun!.

The Royal Couple.

Prince Harry was the best man at his brother Prince William’s wedding in 2011. Although best men are commonly referred to as “supporters” in England. According to individuals who were present, Harry allegedly delivered a witty speech directed at his brother and some of his older relatives (perhaps the Queen). Prince Charles allegedly cracked a few jokes at the same moment, mocking William’s baldness! Needless to say, with Harry’s wedding to American Meghan Markle on the horizon, the shoe is going to be on the other foot. We can only speculate on William’s role as Harry’s best man. Also, how amazing is this pic of the two brothers laughing together at William’s wedding?!.

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