The Homeowner Didn’t Expect This After An Internet Post About A Secret Room Went Viral.

Jerry, a first-time homeowner, was about to embark on a strange adventure that he had not expected, and it all began in his new home’s basement.

Jerry was about to discover that certain people had horrific secrets hidden from them. In his new home, he found something that was most likely intended to remain concealed behind the cinder block walls. Continue reading to learn more about Jerry’s story and how his Imgur post became so popular.

I’m a first-time homebuyer.

An Imgur user called Jerry posted his strange tale of clearing out the previous owner’s belongings after moving into his first house in 2015. The old man had died, and the house had been sold “as is,” which meant it required a thorough cleaning and makeover.

Jerry was fine with the house requiring some maintenance because he was a first-time homeowner. He had no idea what he was getting himself into, let alone what mysteries he was about to uncover.

Getting Down To Business In The Basement.

Jerry set his sights on the unfinished basement after two weeks of moving his belongings into the house and beginning some much-needed renovations. He said in his post that the basement was full of trash that needed to be thrown out to make space for his belongings.

Because the previous owner didn’t have any family nearby to help him remove the items, Jerry had to do it himself — and there was a lot of stuff!.

There’s always more to a situation than meets the eye.

There was no mention of a secret room in the listing.

Jerry found a big piece of plywood leaning against the cinder block wall when cleaning out the basement. He yanked it off because it was clearly out of place. Jerry found a massive hole in the wall where more cinder blocks should have been, indicating that the wood was concealing another space.

Having a hidden room that the real estate agent was unaware of was cause for concern as a new homeowner. What was there on the inside?.

There was a crate, boxes, and pouches discovered.

The floor was littered with boxes, crates, and tiny pouches in the four-by-four space. Since the room was not connected to the house’s electrical circuit, Jerry had to dash for a flashlight to see what was going on inside.

The location appeared to be similar to a bunker, but that didn’t make sense. What happened to it? Why wasn’t it washed out? It seemed that no one had been there in a long time. Is it likely that the previous owner had something hidden from you?.

What he discovered would astound you.

There is, of course, a secret safe in the secret room.

Jerry wrote, “At this stage, I am a little shocked and a little frightened.” He climbed through the tiny hole because his curiosity got the best of him. The gun casings stacked on top of one another were the first thing he noticed in the cramped space. They were mostly bare, but there were a lot of them. Why have empty casings on hand?.

That’s when he became aware of something in the room’s corner. A Sentry safe that is both strong and completely locked.

To Open Or Not To Open The Safe, That Is The Question.

Jerry was at a loss for what to do. May he contact the previous owner’s children to inquire about the safe or the hidden room? What if they were interested in any of the objects that had been stored?.

He made the decision to attempt to open the safe. Despite the fact that it is illegal, the safe is legally his since he purchased the house as-is. The only problem is, what if he discovers anything harmful?.

His most intriguing find isn’t even the safe.

He put opening the safe on hold in order to examine the contents of the room more thoroughly. That’s when he discovered hundreds of live ammunition rounds. What’s the scary part? They were all in unlocked boxes, and the previous owner had obviously kept them here.

Jerry couldn’t say if the items were part of a set or if they were held in the basement for some other purpose. He was about to find out, unfortunately.

Stolen Merchandise And Basements Are On My Mind.

Jerry discovered more army-style bins that held similar items to the ammo after further exploration. He called it a night, promising to return to the hidden room the next morning. It was a lot for him to process.

After a good night’s sleep, he’d be in the mood to rip the place apart.He was curious as to what kind of secrets and gems he could find in the basement. What in the world did he find down there?.

You’ll never guess what he discovered first thing in the morning.

He Accidentally Came Across Military-Grade Equipment.

Jerry had further revelations the next day. He returned to the room to examine the various boxes and crates strewn around, only to discover that the majority of them were military-grade.

Why does an elderly man have too much military gear? Jerry realized he had no choice but to open the containers and see what was inside. The thing is, he wasn’t expecting what he discovered.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program is a program for civilians who want to learn how to shoot a.

He discovered an empty rifle case labeled “Civilian Marksmanship Program,” indicating that the previous owner was familiar with these weapons. Something wasn’t quite right; the previous owner wasn’t only buying weapons and ammo; he was also shooting them.

Maybe he had special permission from the military to keep the things in his home? Jerry wanted to open the crates because that didn’t seem right either. He was on the verge of fleeing the room when he read the contents.

There is much more ammunition than any civilian needs.

After Jerry opened the crates, things became a lot more serious. An SKS air gun, crates of blank ammunition, two crates of rifle ammo, a box of 19mm military-grade ammo, a box of 8mm ammo, boxes of Wolf 39mm ammo, and a dead grenade were among the items hidden in the space.

For an elderly man, that’s a lot of ammunition. What was the purpose of keeping it hidden? The strangest thing is that Jerry’s most bizarre finding is often the most innocuous.

If you have any pennies?.

He stashed a boatload of pennies in one of the crates! So, what was the connection between all the military hardware and the pennies? Why would he keep such a huge quantity if they aren’t worth anything?.

For some reason, they were worth hiding, but Jerry couldn’t find out why. As he tried to find out why the previous owner had hidden all of these items in the basement, his concern grew.

We are approaching the end of the world.

Maybe they were “preppers” for the end of the world. People who enjoy being extremely well-prepared for the imminent collapse of civilization due to war, natural disasters, or the zombie apocalypse. They normally have ammunition and weapons on hand. But wouldn’t canned goods and water be included as well?.

Also, since pre-1980s pennies were made of copper, some collectors like to preserve them. Anything that could be used for trading in the event that the dollar lost its global value.

It’s time to return to the safe.

Now let’s return to the ominous, heavy-duty safe in the corner. Jerry couldn’t move it because of its weight, so he had to find out how to get it open in the bed. He couldn’t crack the code, so he gathered his father’s tools and attempted to pry it open.

Jerry eventually called a locksmith after spending even more time trying to pry the safe open than he would like to admit.

Do you have any idea what the old man locked away?.

Jerry took to his Imgur thread, which was quickly gaining a following, to inform everyone that the locksmith would be arriving on Monday and to stay tuned for an update. It seemed that everyone was eager to see what was inside!.

What could the old man possibly have that justified him locking it away if he felt it was fine to leave military-grade weapons and ammunition out in the open?.

Then there was nothing but silence.

Jerry had not been heard from since then, according to the Imgur thread. Following the radio silence, the internet started to speculate about what had happened to him. Some claim he opened the safe, discovered a large sum of money, tossed the thread, and fled. Others say Jerry received undue exposure as a result of the viral story and that he shared something he shouldn’t have.

The audience had no idea that the latter was fairly close to the facts.

What happened to Jerry during his absence would astound you.

He’s still alive!.

Jerry returned to the thread after two years, with the subject line “UPDATE: Whether anyone remembers or cares.” He goes into detail about the terrifying events of the previous two years of his life.

After the posts went viral, strange things started to happen to him, causing him to go into hiding for years before returning to finish his story about the hidden room.

Strange Characters and Late-Night Disturbances.

Strange-looking people first rang the doorbell two days after the article was written. He didn’t answer the door because he had no idea who they were or what they wanted. They lingered for a few moments before getting into their car and driving away.

Something shocked him awake the next night, and his dog started to growl. Anything struck his house or someone knocked on a door or window at that time. Who would do such a thing in the middle of the night?.

Then the most terrifying occurrence occurred.

He became paranoid as a result of a wrongful break-in.

Someone broke into Jerry’s neighbor’s house two nights later. Although nothing was taken, it was clear that the intruders were on the lookout for anything specific. It may have only been a coincidence, but Jerry believes the people who broke into the house next door believed they were breaking into his.

What if they had the technological know-how to figure out where the posts were coming from? Fortunately, no one had been injured, but Jerry was terrified.

It’s no surprise he moved out after the fiasco.

Jerry told his followers that he would not disclose what he discovered in the safe because he is “too paranoid” to publish it publicly after what happened to him.

He has since moved out of the building, preferring not to put the new owners through what he went through. The world will never know what the old man was doing, and the bizarre tale’s conclusion leaves us with more questions than answers.

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