The Most Awe-Inspiring Oscar Red Carpet Makeovers.

The Academy Awards ceremony is the most anticipated event of the year, and the red carpet is essentially a fashion show showcasing the who’s who of Hollywood. As a result, the A-listers make a point of putting a little extra work into their ensembles. They know that whether they receive an award or show one on stage, their outfits will be remembered.

However, styles and fashion have evolved significantly, and what a celebrity thought was trendy in the past might no longer be so. Here are examples of celebrities at their first and most recent Academy Awards. On the red carpet, these celebrities have undoubtedly emerged from their cocoons as butterflies.

Amy Adams is a well-known actress.

Amy Adams has established herself as the fashionista to watch at the Academy Awards. Wasn’t it 2006? Not at all. Adams must have thought a brown taffeta gown with accent stripes would be timeless for her first-ever Academy Awards red carpet.

We’re happy to see she hasn’t shied away from patterns and texture, but she’s done so in a far more timeless way this time. This fashion icon, we’re sure, would like to forget about the 2006 Academy Awards.

Lee, Spike.

At the 62nd Academy Awards, director Spike Lee made his first ever appearance. He was nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the time for the film Do The Right Thing. Even though he didn’t win an Oscar, Lee used his Oscar fashion to make a statement as a young director.

In 1990, he wore a Malcolm X badge on his suit to the awards. In 2019, he wore a purple outfit in honor of Prince and gave a political speech during his award acceptance speech.

Charlize Theron is a popular actress.

Charlize Theron, a South African star, has always been stunning, but it seems that as she gets older, she becomes even more stunning and high-fashion. Theron had been acting for years, but by the 72nd Academy Awards in 2000, she had appeared in four films and had been named Hollywood’s new “it” girl.

In 2000, Theron was young and naive, but by the 91st Academy Awards, she was able to take a chance with this covered-up and barely-there look.

See what this Black Panther star wears before he became a style icon up next.

Jennifer Lopez is a well-known actress.

J-Lo was fresh off the success of her first big motion film, Selena, when she attended her first Academy Awards in 1997. Lopez’s portrayal of the late Latin American singer in a biopic earned her a spot on the list of women to watch in movies.

Jenny from the Block seems to have aged little in the last two decades. Lopez is well aware of this, which is why she wore a figure-hugging silver gown to the 91st Academy Awards.

Queen Latifah is a well-known figure in the African-American community.

Queen Latifah went from wearing your grandmother’s hand-me-down church dress to a look appropriate for a true queen between the 72nd and 91st Academy Awards. She may have been just 30 at the time of her first Oscar red carpet appearance, but she doesn’t seem to have aged a day after donning her grandmother’s clothing.

She walked the Oscars red carpet for the first time since appearing in The Bone Collector alongside Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. It’s not bad.

Glenn Close is a well-known actor.

Glenn Close is no stranger to the red carpet. She walked the Oscars red carpet for the first time at the 56th Academy Awards in 1984. The black lace frock with puffy sleeves screams “eighties,” so it wasn’t difficult to figure out when that picture was taken.

Close has aged like fine wine over the last four decades, opting for more timeless items to walk the red carpet in. This gold cape gown will never go out of style.

Gaga, Lady.

Lady Gaga may be known for her outlandish outfits (who could forget the meat dress? ), but she’s always known how to channel her inner glam monster. Gaga attended her first Academy Awards in 2014, and it was clear right away that she knew how to dress for the occasion.

Her fashion sense has only improved with time, and she went full-on Hollywood glam at the 91st Academy Awards, wearing the 128.54 Tiffany Diamond around her throat.

Lady Gaga can keep things glam, but what about Bradley Cooper, her co-star in “A Star Is Born?”.

Viggo Mortenson is a well-known actor.

Viggo Mortenson transformed from a creepy vampire with a power stance to a charming father with a power fashion sense between the 80th and 91st Academy Awards.

The most important lesson to be learned from Mortenson’s transformation is that a tailed suit can do wonders. At both award ceremonies, he was nominated for best actor in. Though we’re sure he’d have preferred to win an Oscar at either event, he certainly looked better at the second.

Jennifer Hudson is a well-known actress.

J-Hud made her first Academy Award appearance at the 79th ceremony, where she won Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film Dreamgirls. Hudson’s first big project after winning American Idol was the film. Her red carpet dress from 2007 shows she wasn’t totally secure in her status as a style icon.

Fast forward to the 91st Academy Awards, and Hudson wears a one-shoulder red gown that exudes sexiness and confidence.

Bradley Cooper is a well-known actor.

Every year on the Oscars red carpet, Bradley Cooper receives a lot of attention, despite the fact that he looks the same and still plays it safe. Cooper looks almost the same as he did before he grew a mustache. It’s a bit of a snoozefest, to be honest.

The only significant difference between the 82nd and 91st Academy Awards is that Cooper was in attendance in 2019 as an actress, producer, and artist.

Although Bradley Cooper’s style is predictable, the next actor has found out how to spice up his red carpet look.

Chris Evans is a British actor.

At the other end of the spectrum, actor Chris Evans at least knows that if you’re going to look the same for more than a decade, you have to change things up.

Evans, like Cooper, grew a full beard between the 85th and 91st Academy Awards. He also ditched the Men in Black suit in favor of something more bold, such as a blue velvet jacket.

Paul Rudd is a British actor.

If there’s one thing we’ve noticed from Paul Rudd’s appearances on the Oscar red carpet in 1999 and 2019, it’s that he doesn’t age. He could be an immortal being, to be honest. In reality, he gives off a more vampire vibe than Viggo Mortenson did in 2006, and in a much less creepy way.

Rudd has made time to get a haircut and recruit a new tailor while he’s been busy drinking the elixir of life. It’s a truly remarkable transformation.

Regina King is a well-known actress.

Regina King had a busier film career in the 1990s and early 2000s, but she was not nominated for an Academy Award until 2019. She wore a traditional white gown with just enough ruching and draping to show off her curves for the occasion.

King must have known she was a shoe-in for Best Supporting Actress, because this look is timeless, unlike her look from the 77th Academy Awards.

Laura Dern is a well-known actress.

Laura Dern first received international recognition in 1993 with the film Jurassic Park, but she didn’t make her Oscars debut until the 64th Academy Awards, a year earlier. She was nominated for Best Actress at the time for her appearance in the film Rambling Rose.

Dern didn’t win the award, but her nude, lace gown and Marilyn Monroe-inspired hairstyle made an indelible impression on the red carpet. Her 2019 look is equally stunning, but we think she was more glam in 1992.

Brie Larson is a well-known actress.

Brie Larson has been in and around Hollywood since she was a child, but it wasn’t until 2016 that she made it to the Oscars red carpet. For her role in Room, she was nominated (and won) the award for Best Actress at her first appearance.

In 2016, she looked fresh-faced and innocent at the 91st Academy Awards, where she promoted her new character Captain Marvel. Larson looks like she could kick our butts in an edgy silver dress and bleach blonde hair.

Christian Bale is a well-known actor.

Just Christian Bale is more uninteresting on the red carpet than Bradley Cooper. I’m almost certain he wore the same suit he wore to the 2011 Academy Awards to the 2019 ones.

Bale’s style “transformation” (or lack thereof) is surprising, given his track record for dramatic physical transitions from film to film. Perhaps he wanted to play it safe in 2019 because he had just lost the 40 pounds he had gained for his part in Vice.

Julia Roberts is a well-known actress.

Julia Roberts has been a fixture on the Hollywood scene for more than three decades, and fashion has changed dramatically in that period. She channeled her inner 90s supermodel at the 62nd Academy Awards in 1990, after being nominated for Best Actress for Pretty Woman.

Roberts ditched the muted brown tones and way-too-casual hair and makeup for something a bit more sexy and unforgettable for the 91st Academy Awards.

Angela Bassett is a well-known actress.

Wakanda’s queen hasn’t exactly ruled the red carpet at the Oscars. Although we can’t get enough of Angel Bassett’s one-shoulder pink gown from the 91st Academy Awards, we have a lot of questions about her 67th Academy Awards ensemble.

Bassett’s white lace top, which she wears over a way-too-low-cut black dress, looks like it came straight out of Mortica Addams’ wardrobe. We’re happy she’s matured in terms of style over the years.

Helen Mirren is a British actress.

She’s played the queen before, and she’s always had the look of one. At the 91st Academy Awards, she felt a lot more like a queen than she did at the 67th. Mirren’s 1995 dress was considered trendy and elegant at the time, but it seems to have been more appropriate for a British garden party than the Oscars red carpet.

Mirren has obviously learned to incorporate some bling and select a timeless gown to wear on the red carpet over the years.

Mahershala Ali is a well-known actor in the United States.

Mahershala Ali (Mahershala Ali) Ali has only attended three Academy Awards, but he has made an impression at each one. Ali won Best Supporting Actor at the 2017 Oscars for his role as a drug dealer in the film Moonlight. He wore a classic suit for his first Academy Awards.

Ali won again two years later, this time in a much more daring Oscar costume. The patterned jacket, collarless shirt, and black beanie make for an eye-catching ensemble.

Octavia Spencer is a well-known actress.

On the red carpet of the Academy Awards, actress Octavia Spencer has always glistened in a glamorous gown. Spencer wore this beautiful white Grecian goddess-inspired gown to her first appearance at the 84th Academy Awards, where she won Best Supporting Actress.

Spencer was not nominated for any individual awards at the 91st Academy Awards, but the film she executive produced, Greenbook, won Best Picture. The stunning sparkling blue ballgown is worthy of the win alone.

Emma Stone is a well-known actress.

Emma Stone, like Amy Adams, is known for wearing classic gowns to the Academy Awards. Stone’s stunning, bold red gown at the 84th Academy Awards launched her on a journey to red carpet supremacy.

She’s stuck to classic silhouettes over the years, but at the 91st Academy Awards, she took a risk and stepped out of the box with this metallic, streamlined shoulder look. Stone is without a doubt one of the most fashionable people on the red carpet.

Pharrell Williams is a musician.

Pharrell Williams is now regarded as a fashion icon and a visionary. Who can forget the colossal hat, right? So it’s a little surprising to see Williams on the red carpet for his first Academy Awards in a sleek black tuxedo.

Maybe he was only reading the crowd at the time, since he’s changed a lot since then and isn’t afraid to try new things. We’re not sure about the camouflage shorts he wore on the red carpet, but we admire him for taking a gamble.

Rachel Weisz is a British actress.

Rachel Weisz is the actress whom women adore because she resembles a Wiccan with a concealed amulet hidden somewhere under her gown. Women adore amulets that are concealed. Weisz’s Oscars look from 2006 is healthy and, to be frank, a little bland.

By 2019, the actress had obviously figured out how to keep her enigmatic allure while dishing out some high-fashion looks. Now, Rachel, show us what you’ve got.

Kelly Ripa is a television personality.

Kelly Ripa has been a television personality for over two decades, but it wasn’t until 2013 that she was invited to the Academy Awards. The talk show host wore a bold A-line gown to the 85th Academy Awards on her own.

Ripa wore a massive, flowing ballgown to the 91st Academy Awards, continuing her trend of bold prints. Ripa can pull off a lot of looks despite her small stature.

James McAvoy is a well-known actor.

Okay, we know James McAvoy was almost 30 years old when he attended the 79th Academy Awards, but he seemed like a lonely adolescent who we wanted to pick up and show the way. Since 2007, McAvoy has grown into a phenomenal actor who excels in challenging roles.

Unfortunately, his style has remained as secure and simple as it has always been. He may have grown out of his long shaggy hair, but at his bar mitzvah, he’s still dressed like a baby.

Melissa McCarthy is a well-known actress.

Melissa McCarthy is one of Hollywood’s most underappreciated glam actresses. The actress has long been a proponent of body positivity and has always favored outfits that highlight her curves in all the right places.

McCarthy wore a stunning yet reasonably healthy pale pink gown to the 84th Academy Awards. She’s turned into a fashion queen with enough confidence to wear pants and a cape seven years later.

Sarah Paulson is a well-known actress.

One of the fashion transformations we’ve detested is Sarah Paulson’s. Paulson looked stunning on the red carpet for the first time in a nude, beaded gown that was both plain and elegant.

We admire her for wearing a pink two-piece ball gown to the 91st Academy Awards, but at what cost? Even though pink was the color of the night, Paulson always looked like she was wearing a bib to the most glamorous party of the year.

Tommy Hilfiger is a well-known fashion designer.

Tommy Hilfiger, as one of the world’s best fashion designers, should have known better than to wear a frilly blue shirt to the Academy Awards in 1999. That blue shirt looks like it might have been plucked from Jerry Seinfeld’s pirate shirt wardrobe.

After twenty years, the fashion designer has finally discovered red carpet fashion. Hilfiger is one of the few people who can pull off a plaid suit jacket.

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