The People Behind Disneyland’s Failure To Be The Happiest Place On Earth.

Going to Disneyland can be a fantastic experience, but some visitors taint the experience for everyone else. Being shoved in line, having to put up with needless screams and camera flashes on rides, or having to put up with a never-ending stream of complaints isn’t exactly pleasant. Read on to learn about some of the worst people you’ll meet at Disneyland.

People who stand in line too close together.

It’s no wonder that Disneyland is a popular tourist destination, but that doesn’t mean that personal space laws are ignored. It may seem that getting as close to the person in front of you as possible would help you get on the ride faster, but this is not the case.

Since each ride has a limited number of seats, getting on is a matter of numbers rather than distance. Standing in line with someone’s breath on your neck is the worst thing you can do.


Even though Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, there are times when a good scream is needed. Getting spooked on the Haunted Mansion ride or going down a big drop are two examples.

However, there’s still that one person who yells at all. There’s no need to yell any time you turn a corner on It’s A Small World or when the Indiana Jones ride gets dark. Let’s not even talk about the teacup flight.

The person whose head is buried in a map.

Of course, you want to make certain that you visit every single attraction on your Disneyland wish list. After all, just getting into this place cost an arm and a leg.

But do you really need to look at the map in the center of the street? Hundreds of people are walking about as though it were a highway, and you’re obstructing traffic! Before you burrow your head into that thing, find a place to rest.

Coming up, this pet peeve is perfectly appropriate to indulge in while waiting in line, but not while riding the bus.

Anyone who is rude to a member of the cast.

Cast members are held to extremely high standards at Disneyland, but there isn’t anything they can do to protect themselves. The customer is always right, as it is in many customer service roles.

There’s no need to be disrespectful to cast members because they’ll either be as friendly as humanly possible or they’ll be shot. If a child misses a photo opportunity, it may be a valuable life lesson about not always getting what you want.

Those Who Are Unaware Of How To Use A Stroller.

Disneyland is unquestionably designed for children, so expect to see a parking lot full of strollers all over the place. Strollers, on the other hand, can make things a lot less effective.

When getting ready to board a tram, for example, it may be a good idea to start dismantling the stroller before the tram arrives. In addition, the stroller is not a vehicle for squeezing through crowds!.


We’re not sure who wants to know, but a trip is not the place to discuss Alicia’s marital woes. When waiting in line, you just had an hour and a half to do it!.

Only cries of joy and laughter are appropriate until everybody is seated on the bus. Even if the conversation is lighthearted, it can be a major source of diversion. This is especially true during a ride’s narration. Aren’t you aware that interrupting is impolite? .

Continue reading to learn how one small mistake can completely derail someone’s Pirates of the Caribbean experience.

The Person Who Smells Bad.

When there’s a large group of people, there’s bound to be someone who could use a little more deodorant. Worse, since it’s so hot and they’re so dirty, they may need an entire shower and change of clothes.

It’s one thing to be around the smelly person when you’re standing in line, but it’s quite another to be stuck on a trip with them. We’re not sure which is scarier: the impending major drop or them flailing their arms in delight.

Those that can’t seem to put their camera down.

When someone refuses to put their camera down, it can be aggravating in general, but particularly so at a theme park. Isn’t the point of it all to have fun? Posing with a character or in front of a castle is fun, but do you have to photograph every moment of a ride?.

Nobody wants to be the strange face in the background of someone’s candid Disney snap. Furthermore, camera flashes ruin the atmosphere of a stage, procession, or dark ride.

Strangers are splattered by the person who splatters them.

Anyone who goes on a water ride should be prepared to get a little muddy. Nothing is more irritating than anyone complaining about how wet they were on a trip they chose to take.

No, wait, there’s something far worse than that. It’s the guy who continues to splatter everyone! It’s one thing to get splashed by a large drop, but it’s quite another to get drops splattered all over you by a total stranger. Allow us to relax and enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean journey! .

Coming up, this annoyance will occur before you even enter the park!.

The Disney Pin Collector’s Edition.

There are just too many Disney pins to count, but some people feel compelled to collect them all before they’re gone! These are the people who would try to swap pins or at the very least have to pause and admire each other’s.

Disney merchandise is appealing to children, but it must come to an end at some point. We already know you’re crazy about Disneyland because it’s written on the whites of your eyes.

People who refuse to follow the rules.

Some cast members have expressed their dissatisfaction with guests who do not obey the rules on Reddit. The problem isn’t that the staff are excessively obedient; rather, they are often blamed when a law is violated and repercussions occur.

After being told not to, a parent once let their children play on the line chains, according to a former cast member. It was all the employee’s fault as soon as the little one hit their head. Keep in mind that the laws are there for a reason!.

Those who unapologetically collide with others.

Disneyland’s crowds can get a little out of hand, particularly during peak seasons, weekends, big events, or when a new attraction debuts. Common courtesy, on the other hand, does not vanish just because there are a lot of people around.

Some guests have the audacity to walk right by everyone in their path without even saying “excuse me.” Your partner, we understand, was keeping your place in line. To get by, all you had to do was inquire.

The Driver Who Is Holding Up The Line In The Parking Lot.

Hundreds of millions of people have visited Disneyland in the decades since it first opened its doors. After all of that, it’s fair to assume the parking situation is as good as it gets.

There are plenty of signs and directions all over the place, so we’re not sure why anyone feels the need to stand in line for 20 minutes to speak with a parking attendant. Was it really necessary for them to have an inch-by-inch overview of the entire park?.

Continue reading to learn how a seemingly harmless action can quickly transform into a major annoyance.

The person holding balloons near the parade.

If you’re going to the parade, fireworks display, or some other crowded event at Disneyland, wait until you’re on your way out before buying balloons.

The fact that you waited so long for a front-row seat is no reason to block the view of those in the back. Keep the balloon in your lap at the very least! The same can be said for Mickey Mouse ears and princess hats in the form of a cone. Would you mind being a little more mindful?.

The Complainer That Won’t Stop.

Despite the fact that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, there are bound to be a few flaws. Crowds can obstruct your view, lines may be excessively long, and your favorite snack may be unavailable.

But that isn’t an excuse to waste a day whining. Nothing is more annoying than someone who constantly complains about how something isn’t good enough. Make the best of it in order to have a good time.

People who take advantage of the “Saved Spot” rule.

Disneyland is a family destination, so there will be occasions when families are split and then reunited in line. For example, one parent may have taken their child to the bathroom while the other waited in line.

When a dozen teenagers want to argue that a single friend saved their location, however, a line must be drawn. Go to the back of the line if there would be a noticeable delay for those who have been patiently waiting.

Continue reading to learn what you can avoid doing unconsciously while waiting in line.

The Person Who Is Speaking During The Haunted Mansion Story.

The narrator is one of the best aspects of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion journey. The deep voice sets the tone for the rest of the ride and adds to the excitement of the ride.

Of course, if someone begins to talk along with the narration, all of the mystique vanishes. The same is true with every other kind of journey. We don’t care if it’s the ride’s rules; the magic is lost if anyone is talking along with it.

The person who places a large food order.

Disneyland is usually a day-long event, so you’ll probably need to eat at some point. Nothing beats getting to the front of a long line just to hear the individual in front of you put a massive order.

We understand that ordering everyone’s food with one person saves time in line. Even so, the realization that your order will take even longer than anticipated to arrive is a stinger.

That One Person Who Is Always Looking At You.

When it comes to where to look while waiting in line, there aren’t many choices. Many people would pass the time by fiddling with their mobile or attempting to strike up a conversation with someone in their company.

And there’s the person who doesn’t know they’ve been staring at you for several minutes without realizing it. The worst part is when you make eye contact and they don’t avert their gaze! It’s not as if you can simply move to a separate section of the line.

Those who transform it into a sing-along.

It’s A Small World can be one of the cutest or most irritating rides at Disneyland. It depends entirely on who is on board. It’s going to be an eye-rolling trip if it’s a group of teenagers singing the whole way around.

Any trip, particularly a show, is not an invitation to join in the singing. It can drain the joy out of the moment, particularly if the song is too repetitive.

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