These Cute Kids Have Clearly Dressed Themselves.

Every child reaches the point where they must say, “No, mom.” I have the ability to dress myself. This comment frequently elicits moans from parents, as it can imply some rather unusual wardrobe choices that may attract unwanted attention in public. From princess gowns to dubious headgear, children are the fashion world’s brave leaders. Take a look at some of the greatest kids-dressing-themselves fashion moments! “I can dress myself, mom,” she says.

Minnie Ears Fashionista

Check out this little fashionista: indoors, she’s wearing lamb slippers, llama jammies, a tutu, and sunglasses. Not only is this darling bringing the fashion, but she’s also flaunting it with a stunning posture for the camera. Her self-assured little grin tells it all. If there is one thing that can be said about the small girl in this shot, it is that she has the confidence to wear her own fashion designs, indicating that she has parents who encourage her to do so. Keep an eye out for Minnie Mouse Ears Fashionista, who will be appearing on a runway near you soon! .Minnie Ears Fashionista.

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