These Cute Kids Have Clearly Dressed Themselves.

Every child reaches the point where they must say, “No, mom.” I have the ability to dress myself. This comment frequently elicits moans from parents, as it can imply some rather unusual wardrobe choices that may attract unwanted attention in public. From princess gowns to dubious headgear, children are the fashion world’s brave leaders. Take a look at some of the greatest kids-dressing-themselves fashion moments! “I can dress myself, mom,” she says.

Minnie Ears is a fashionista with Minnie Ears.

Check out this little fashionista: indoors, she’s wearing lamb slippers, llama jammies, a tutu, and sunglasses. Not only is this darling bringing the fashion, but she’s also flaunting it with a stunning posture for the camera. Her self-assured little grin tells it all. If there is one thing that can be said about the small girl in this shot, it is that she has the confidence to wear her own fashion designs, indicating that she has parents who encourage her to do so. Keep an eye out for Minnie Mouse Ears Fashionista, who will be appearing on a runway near you soon! .

I’m a firefighter, of course!.

Some children’s imaginative clothing is inextricably linked to their favorite outfit. Perhaps their favorite TV show or movie inspired them, or in the case of this boy, it appears that his motivation came directly from some real-life heroes. Can’t you just picture this little child telling his parents every morning that he had to dress up like a firefighter? Firefighters put their lives on the line every day to defend the inhabitants of the communities they serve, so it’s no surprise that this young man has picked them as his heroes. This pic appears to be fairly old, so perhaps he is now a real-life firefighter!.

The Cast of Princess Sofia.

Here’s another entry from the “kids will only wear costumes” folder. As demonstrated by her lavender princess clothing, this beautiful little girl is a huge fan of Princess Sofia. Princess Sofia the First, Disney Junior’s first Hispanic princess, was just introduced. This little one obviously takes her Princess job very seriously, as evidenced by her wearing it to the doctor’s office. She also seemed to have recently had a cast placed on her arm, which had to match her Princess Sofia gown. If there’s one thing that can be said about this girl, it’s that she obviously understands the importance of fashion commitment!.

It’s a part of my ensemble!.

This baby’s outfit has it all: a pacifier, Hello Kitty rain boots, moose hat, and all the necessary stuffed animal accessories. Now, we are pretty sure that the stuffed animal accessories are not actually clothing, however according to this baby they certainly are! Expect to see her grown up one day with a boa around her neck because that’s certainly what this look reminds us of. Her facial expression is also priceless. It almost looks like she is saying, “Are you seriously taking my picture, Mom?!” Of course, how could you miss the opportunity to get a shot like this, it’s definitely one for the books.

There is already a match.

Say what you will about this guy’s choice of Minion glasses (which is hilarious by the way), but he is already able to coordinate both his boots and shirt. He is obviously all about Spiderman, because frankly what kid doesn’t love Spiderman? Another interesting style we noticed is his lovely jewelry choice of Mardi Gras beads. Yes, we can already see it. This kid is definitely going to be the life of the party. We can only imagine what kind of outfits he will come up with during his college years! Of course, by then the Mardi Gras beads will probably be the real deal.

The Pink Princess.

Can you say style queen? This little beauty is obviously super into the color pink and she made it clear that there is never such a thing as too much of the beautiful color. She’s got it all, a pink tutu, hat, leggings, ballet slippers, and finished it off with the perfect bubblegum pink pair of shades. Of course, it helps that she is serving up the entire look with tons of attitude. We think this little lady has the brightest future ahead, perhaps along the lines of the Legally Blonde character Elle Woods (played by Reese Witherspoon). Elle had beauty and brains, now all this little one needs is a pet chihuahua!.

Headwrap for hunting.

It’s pretty obvious what happened with this outfit. This little one was called down for a snack and this perfect outfit is what resulted. This is probably the most interesting ensemble on the list thus far. Camo colored overalls or waders complete with a fancy… turban? This is definitely a “look” to say the least! Every kid has at least one of these dressing moments during their childhood, and of course parents simply can’t pass up an opportunity to photograph it. It’s definitely one to bring out from the photo album when the kid turns eighteen… just to provide a bit of loving embarrassment of course.

Dude, you got it.

Pull-ups, giraffe shirt, striped beanie, gloves, and sunglasses seems to be the outfit of the day for this small child. She’s either giving a big thumbs up to whoever’s snapping the picture, or she’s making hand motions to her favorite song. In any case, if this tiny lady’s style says anything, it’s that she’s as laid-back as they come. Such a mindset can get you a long way in life in a world full of grief and sorrow. Hopefully, she may maintain the same easygoing attitude and positive outlook for the rest of her life! .

I Look Fantastic.

This adorable little girl has the sweetest, most confident smile on her face, and it’s the sweetest thing to behold! She’s dressed in purple leggings and a zebra print leotard with attached tutu. What appears to be an enormous Batman hoodie (possibly big brother’s) and an oversized pocketbook (presumably mom’s) are the cutest additions to her outfit. Clearly, this little one looks up to her mother and brother, and the fact that they let her borrow their belongings made her day. This is without a doubt one of the cutest moments of children dressing themselves!.

Big grin.

This little girl’s exuberant smile is a perfect complement for her equally crazy and unmatched clothing. She’s dressed in a red, white, and blue bikini swimsuit with striped leggings and a non-matching colored sweater on top. “Hey mum, I put on a swimsuit this morning but now I’m cold!” she says. Perhaps she was watching her mother get ready in the morning and trying to imitate her choice of underwear. If there’s one thing this adorable little girl can be said for, it’s that she’s proud of her distinctive dress choices. At the very least, she understands the notion of layering!.

The Nonconformist is a person who does not follow the rules.

This little boy is wearing a regular automobile t-shirt that many boys wear, but he chose to add a little something more to his ensemble – a rainbow tutu! He’s also giving his mother a look that says, “I’m going to wear anything I want!” Maybe he just likes the colors of rainbows or the frills on tutus. In any case, it’s fantastic that his mother is allowing him to make his own decisions. Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green were recently chastised for allowing their son to wear a dress, but they defended their decision, claiming that he is only a child and should be allowed to wear anything he likes.

It’s All About The Glasses.

This adorable kiddo’s attire appears to have been chosen by his mother, or he already has great matching skills. His choice of accessories, on the other hand, is genuinely striking. He’s wearing goggles while swimming. His expression clearly suggests that he is adamant about his decision. This appears to be another case of imitating mom or dad, who may or may not be wearing their own pair of spectacles; this little boy is simply attempting to make his imprint. Hey, he’s cute enough to pull off the daring eyewear, even if it’s not practical!.

Patterns that match.

This little one appears to be asking for a story to be read to him, but it was the show-stopping ensemble that compelled mom and dad to take a picture! This person is all on the patterns that don’t match. We’ve got a skull and cross bones shirt with stripes on the sleeves and hood (which already seems questionably matched, although it seems to be made that way) and he topped it off with camo colored pants. Some men claim that camo works with everything, so perhaps this is just a taste of what he’ll wear for the rest of his life. At the very least, it appears to be comfortable!.

Who is Audrey Hepburn?.

This cute little girl’s style is the anti-thesis to any masculine dressing. Instead, she’s obsessed with frills.. and pink! She reminds us of a tiny Audrey Hepburn with her oversized glasses and gloves. Her outfit choice is littered with the colors of pink and purple and although she mixed patterns it still somehow works for her. She also topped off the look with a cape and a strand of pearls. Wow! This little girl definitely has some sophisticated fashion choices going for her, to say the least! We can only imagine that she will definitely keep bringing the style as she gets older.

The Original.

This little girl’s version of her own outfit is a classic version of dressing up. She has a regular tank top on which may or may not be a pajama top, and oversized skirt with a sweater around her waist, Mom’s high heeled shoes and dad’s hat (or it might be a costume hat, hard to tell), with a knit purse. We think every kid has at least one photo of themselves standing in their parent’s shoes. She is also wearing a badge that says “courage”, how adorable is that? Yes, we think this little on will definitely have the courage to wear her own style when she gets older!.

The Costume Obsessed.

In the style mixing shot, this little lad has it all: a Spider-Man shirt, Batman shoes, a Christmas time elf cap, sunglasses indoors, and fairy wings. He also has a large smile on his face, indicating that he is having a fantastic time, which is exactly what clothes should be about! What good is dressing up if you can’t express yourself and have a good time? What a wonderful lesson to learn at such a young age, and how wonderful that his parents allow him to be himself. After all, we’re only kids for a short time.

Seasons are mixed together.

Halloween is one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year, and a big part of it is dressing up, so it’s a good fit for this piece. This small guy appears to be wearing bathing trunks and a Jack-O-Lantern tee. Some of us are huge Halloween enthusiasts, so why not have a party all year long? Who knows what season it is, but he appears to be at ease in any case. This gentleman appears unconcerned by his attire, as he has a toy drill in his hand and appears to be going about his business as usual.

The Peanut is a fictional character.

Another one from the costume files, when a child can’t seem to get enough of a certain costume. This young one has chosen a peanut costume, which is quite amusing. Mom even put a placard on the back of the costume that said, “Don’t judge my mother; I dress myself!” It’s very amusing. Obviously, they’re ready to go in the car, so it’s fantastic that Mom lets this young one dress whichever they want outside the house. They’ll probably get rid of the peanut outfit eventually. At the very least, we hope so!.

Tutu Spiderman is a fictional character.

With a matching top and leggings and a tutu thrown over, this little girl seemed to have it all together. However, she opted to spice up her look with a full-on Spider-Man mask to make her stand out. The finished effect is quite amusing! Perhaps she swiped her older brother’s mask, or she is a Spider-Man devotee. At the very least, the majority of her attire matches. The caption accompanying this photo reads, “My daughter clothed herself for the first time.” For her first time, we think she did a fantastic job!.

Each and every pattern.

On this particular day, this adorable little girl was certainly feeling all of the patterns as she dressed. She has on a striped undershirt, a floral button down, a lacy skirt, a beach style floppy hat, and florescent tennis shoes. It doesn’t get any more eclectic than that! This tiny kid, on the other hand, manages to pull it off. At least she seems to be a big fan of taking risk with her fashion, if childhood is any indication we think she will probably keep doing that for the rest of her life. Perhaps we’re looking at the makings of a future fashion designer!.

It’s time to get ready for school and a party.

A combination of everything, this young one is ready for class and to party! The glasses say, “I’m ready to study!” while the headband assures friends she can break a sweat on the dance floor too. Most impressive, though, are the long socks. It takes a brave soul to wear socks usually reserved for grandparents. Maybe this little one is just ahead of the fashion trend!.

She made a huge blunder.

She figured out pretty quickly the mistake she made with this choice. Being a fan of every color doesn’t mean she has to wear them all! At least her gloves match her monkey hat. The tutu and the tie-dye shirt, however? Maybe mom and dad should lay out her clothes in the morning for a few more years. Just until she learns better self-control.

So many pairs of pants.

When in doubt wear all the pants. This cutie doesn’t like shirts. He doesn’t like jackets. He hates hats. If you have a great pair of pants, HE WILL FIND A WAY TO WEAR THEM. Just look, he can turn pants into fashionable headwear. He’s definitely ready to go out for ice cream with his new “shirt” made from pajama pants. The conviction to only wear pants, regardless of where or how is inspiring!.

Mom’s closet is brimming with possibilities.

Someone got into mom’s closet and the made of it! We’ve rarely seen a child so proud to look so fabulous. Is that real silk? More importantly, is that a small weight she’s lifting? No, it looks like candy. Not only did she successfully raid mom’s closet, but she also got candy as a reward. What a great day for this trendy future fashionista. She’s not going to sleep anytime soon!.

That’s a Whole Lotta Hat!.

That’s a lot of hat to process. It’s shiny, furry, fluffy, and has tassels! This outfit is all kinds of fabulous. She knows it too. Look at that smile. She’s one step away from hitting the runway and starting the new trend. Maybe she’ll become a fashion consultant instead, and help the helpless look amazing!.

Too much lipstick on the lips.

Before stepping outside, this little one should take a long look in the mirror. We’re not going to argue over whether or not that colour of lipstick is appropriate for her. Someone should show us how to apply lipstick. Is she under the impression that her entire face should be red? It’s feasible based on the way she’s posed. Or her mother or father is photographing her in the hopes of embarrassing her ten years from now.

He’s the Dark Knight!.

Every young boy fantasizes of being Batman. This young man is realizing his ambitions. He’s dressed in a cape and wearing a mask. He’ll need a utility belt and batarangs now. He’d certainly like a butler as well. How safe would you feel if you were in trouble and this extraordinary youngster appeared? We’re taking a really safe bet! Especially if he’ll be accompanied by Robin.

Assemble, Autobots!.

He’s all set to combine and defend the world from the Decepticons. Bumblebee, on the other hand, might not be the best option. If we had to pick, we’d choose to be Optimus Prime. Bumblebee is deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafen What matters is that this young youngster understands the importance of not being bad. Especially in the Transformers universe, good usually triumphs over evil.

His dogs are exhausted.

According to the report, it was crazy hat day at school, and this little girl decided to wear her pets to class. That would account for the out-of-style pick. Is that how she got her hat? She appears to have glued the dolls in place. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain! Her wacky hat would be transformed into a.. regular hat.

It’s A Party In The Park!.

This girl never goes to the park unless she’s dressed to impress! On the monkey bars, she turns heads with her sunglasses and tutu! She is well aware that she looks excellent in blue and pink. However, we don’t believe she was prepared for this photograph. That’s a shocked expression. Perhaps her fictitious ship is ready to capsize. That does appear to be a steering wheel she’s pretending to operate.

Always have a Neck Pillow with you when you leave the house.

This boy isn’t leaving his neck pillow at home as he prepares for his flight. It’s good to hear he’ll be sleeping on the plane. Some kids are just interested in kicking the seat in front of them. This kid simply wants to take a restful slumber. And remember to remain dry. It’s impossible to predict when it will rain. On the plane, there could be sprinklers. We’re guessing he’s not flying. He might be heading outside to play and wants to keep his neck dry and protected.

Shades of ‘Tude’.

She was adamant about not having her picture taken! There’s nothing quite like a child “throwing shade” while wearing shades to make you smile. She is self-assured in her appearance. There’s a lot going on here, from the green sunglasses to the floral hat and shirt. We don’t know what’s wrapped around her neck, but it’s keeping her warm. We can’t wait to see how snarky little girl becomes as she gets older!.

To The Carribean And Then Some!.

He’s not sure if he’s a pirate or an astronaut, but he’s working out especially for this kid. Being a fan of Toy Story and Pirates of the Carribean is rather simple. He’ll have to make a decision at some time, but not right now. He can be whoever he wants as long as he proudly wears it.

Is it better to carry a bag or a scarf?.

This small child, according to our sources, has chosen to wear her hamper as a scarf. There’s no way it’ll keep her warm with all the holes. It’s only a matter of time now that this photo has gone viral before this trend catches on! We’re sure New York’s avant-garde artists will go crazy for this shiek Spring style. It’s time to stock up on hampers before they become too expensive.

Is She a Dinosaur or Not?.

With her Jurassic look, this little one is sure to scare all of her friends. That, at least, we believe is a dinosaur headgear. It’s unquestionably a daring fashion choice. Especially when she’s wearing a princess gown underneath her jacket. It isn’t every day that we get to see a royal dinosaur! We can’t help but think it’s her first day of school. To us, that ensemble screams “first day of school!”.

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