These people make it difficult for us to be angry with them.

Let’s face it, there are numerous reasons to become enraged. For example, when your coworker Cathy brings donuts for everyone but mysteriously forgets to inform you that they are in the break room. Or when you know it’s going to rain but haven’t brought an umbrella with you.

Even the most difficult situations, however, have a silver lining. It’s annoying to get cut off on the freeway, but if they have a license plate that apologizes for them, then you can’t be too upset It’s annoying to get cut off on the freeway, but if they have a license plate that apologizes for them, then you can’t be too upset It’s annoying to get cut off on the freeway, but if they have a license plate that apologizes for them, then you can’t be too upset It’s annoying to get cut off on the freeway, but if they have a license plate that apologizes for them, then you can’t be too upset We’re trying so hard to be angry at these folks, but we just can’t seem to get mad at them.

This would have saved me a great deal of humiliation.

As if an extra pedal, gear shifts, and paying attention to “how the car feels” weren’t enough. Now I have to worry that everyone around me is enraged by my poor driving abilities.

When I was younger, I wish I had swallowed my pride and used a sign like this.

This kid is going to be a lawyer when he grows up.

When a good parent sees their child outsmart them and instead of becoming enraged, they rejoice. This mother was duped by her child, and she needs to see it as a learning experience.

Enroll this child in pre-law programs and Toastmasters so that he can begin his legal education right away. In any legal case, he’ll discover a loophole.

In and out in a matter of seconds.

It’s never fun to be shaded. This person mustered a lot of confidence to enter her DMs in the first place, so getting kicked out again is a bummer. You have to admit, though, that she was quite astute. There are no resentments here.

Coming up, one student went above and beyond with her lecture snacks, and the rest of the class was unaffected.

Is it true that dogs are only permitted if they are in carriers? Accepted the challenge.

Dogs are not allowed on the NYC subway unless they are certified guide dogs or in carriers. This man with a full-grown husky, on the other hand, was not going to let that stop him.

This puppy is the coolest kid on the train and should be allowed to ride at any time. If this doggo was removed from the subway, any subway officer would be callous.

Either a harmless blunder or the work of a deranged genius.

I’d be irritated if anyone other than a beautiful child slurped and slobbered on half of my grapes.

Even so, it’s a toss-up. Was it an honest blunder, and this child simply misunderstood the instructions? Or did they have a clear understanding of what they were doing? They are, after all, presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Surfing, Turfing, and Learning.

I’m curious as to how this college student manages to have steak and lobster for dinner. If I saw this in class, I’d be furious for a moment before realizing I was just unhappy since I’d been surviving on ramen and chicken nuggets.

Even if you don’t agree with way they handle things, the restaurant next door obeyed the guidelines to the letter.

At Least They Know They Have A Habit Of Cutting People Off.

Mr. Altima must be aware of their poor driving practices. I’m sure they’ve been cutting people off for years before giving in and getting this personalized license plate.

How can you be angry with someone who recognizes their worst weakness and attempts to correct it every day? You can’t do it.

They Technically Followed The Order Though.

This hits home for me because my go-to McDonald’s order for years was “double cheeseburger, ketchup alone.” I was a finicky eater who despised everything that goes on a burger.

I’m less particular today, but the McDonald’s employee had to ask me twice what I meant a couple times. I tried to keep in mind that they are working for low salary and doing their best.

Honesty Is Key.

In most areas, bars are required to legally provide food to ensure that their customers don’t become too inebriated, but $200 for chips and salsa is a wonderful way to avoid having to invest in a full kitchen and chef. I admire a corporation that isn’t scared to do what it takes to survive.

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The Sign Doesn’t Say Anything About Hoverboards Either.

If this were a skateboarder or rollerblader, they would be openly defying the sign. This unicyclist, on the other hand, has discovered the ultimate loophole and is rolling right through it.

I’m hoping this business block’s sign has been updated because that block will soon be overrun with hoverboards.

Why Didn’t I Think Of This Sooner?.

This excellent parking effort is being seen by five people. The three men in the vests all work for a grocery store and could care less where this car is parked, except that it makes their job a little more difficult.

The other two are envious and jealous of the situation. These two wish they had come up with the idea first.

You Can’t Be Mad When You’re Eating Free Cake.

It’s a brilliant trick to hide an American flag cake behind a Canadian maple leaf. But whoever did this overlooked one crucial fact: Canadians are a unique breed of people who are nice, generous, and never get angry. They’re most likely just grateful for the complimentary cake. Isn’t it true that you should love your neighbor?.

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This Child’s Letter Home From Camp Is Inspiring.

I’m not sure whether this kid is having a good or bad time at camp. They appear irritated by having to write a letter home, but they could be learning the ropes of social resistance.

I have a feeling this child is going to be a full-fledged revolutionary when he gets home. These are the children of the future.

It’s A Heck Of A Deal.

I understand festivals’ desire for a monopoly on the sale of alcoholic beverages, but the fact that they prohibit the sale of water astounds me. The majority of these festivals are held in 90-degree weather, and attendees require water to stay alive.

This water-to-peanut-stand hero is just what the world needed. And if the festival organizers don’t like it, then, that’s their loss.

I Wonder What Grade This Student Got.

This student was assigned to create a biography and a brief creative writing essay about a Marvel character of their choice. Peasants would pick Iron Man or Black Widow, but this individual realized Groot would be the easiest option. They’d receive an A+ from me if I were their teacher.

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It’s Probably A More Effective System To Make Sure People Flush.

The purpose of this sign was to have people glance twice to see if had flushed the toilet. But it was taken literally by one individual with a pen, and the rest followed suit.

Because so many males don’t carry pens, you can be sure this is the women’s restroom.

This Amount Of Extra Deserves The Most Respect.

I’d pass judgment if this were anyone other than the world’s most serious father. This father, on the other hand, leads a trendy, hydrated, and color-coordinated lifestyle that no one can criticize.

Anyone who believes this man went too far doesn’t understand how a new outfit can make any day better.

Marketing = A+.

Some may argue that this restaurant is attempting to hide its shortcomings, but if anything, they are highlighting them even more. They received a B rating, but that didn’t stop them.

Every day, we all go through the same routine. Let’s all agree to take a break from Astor Row Cafe.

The Starbucks Employee Tried Their Best.

Someone in a league of their own wrote “Cark” and assumed it was a legitimate name, but it’s not the worst thing a barista could do.

Let’s give these baristas a break because they have to deal with consumers returning a latte because the froth was a millimeter too thick. I’m shocked they haven’t already started spitting in our coffee.

Not Exactly Goals, But Not Exactly Wrong.

Wayne is giving it his all, and nothing is going to stop him. A profit of 86 cents in the black is preferable than a loss of 86 cents in the red. The small successes must be cherished. Anyone who can be so upbeat when they have less than a dollar to their name deserves a standing ovation.

We impoverished peasants may be mocked by the wealthy, but we’re doing our best.

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