This family mistakenly believed they had found a stray puppy, but it turned out to be something else entirely.

Do you know what a Chow Chow is? They’re big, fluffy dogs from China that resemble overgrown teddy bears. These dogs may appear to some people to be real bears. If you came across a baby Chow Chow on the street, you’d probably pick it up and give it a caring home. That’s exactly what these individuals did—or at least, that’s what they believed they did.

What actually occurred was very different. Continue reading to learn where this family’s story went horribly wrong.

Is it a dog or a cat?.

You’d be concerned if a dog grew to be three feet tall and 250 pounds in two years, wouldn’t you? I’ve seen a lot of large dogs in my time, but I’ve never seen one that weighs 250 pounds.

The owners of this colossal puppy were also wary of the growth rate. It was time to start looking into things. They were about to have the most shocking experience of their lives.

This isn’t even a canine.

So, who are these owners we’re talking about? Su Mou currently resides in Kunming, Yunnan, China, with her family.

Su and her family came across a stray dog while on holiday. They looked at the little puppy and concluded that it was a Tibetan Mastiff. Either that or a Chow Chow, or a mix of the two breeds. Su had always desired a pet for herself and her family.

A New Family Member Has Arrived.

Su’s family was overjoyed to have this adorable puppy join their family. During the car trip, they began brainstorming names for their new pet and eventually decided on “Little Black.”.

On the way home, they stopped at a pet store to get some supplies for Little Black, including a leash and dog food. Little Black devoured the entire meal in a matter of minutes. They quickly realized that the little guy would need a substantial amount of food.

An excellent eater.

Su and her family were helping Little Black settle into his new home. He seemed to be eating well and adjusting to domestic life with ease.

Little Black’s puppy days were fun for Su’s family, but they were also excited to see what he would be like as he grew older. They debated whether he’d look like a Tibetan Mastiff or something like a Chow Chow. Su thought he was a different breed of dog despite his odd growing form.

When she realized how quickly he was growing in her home, that began to change.

Was he gaining weight too quickly?.

Little Black seemed to be a voracious eater. He grew bigger and bigger as he fed, until he was no longer a small dog. Is it possible that Little Black was ever a small dog?.

Su was becoming increasingly suspicious. Even a Tibetan Mastiff, which is one of the larger dog breeds, does not mature this quickly. She found her pet standing on his two hind legs one day while walking past Little Black’s cage.

Su wasn’t even aware that Little Black was standing on his hind legs.

After a year,.

Little Black continued to feed, and a year later, he had grown to more than three times his original height. By the time he turned one, Little Black was eating “a basket of fruits and two buckets of noodles every day,” according to Su.

Su had always desired a large dog, but Little Black had grown too large. He wasn’t as little as he used to be. Su was worried that they’d have to change his name to Big Black.

Su was convinced that Little Back was just a strange dog, despite his mad development. As a result, Su did something odd.

Most Dogs Aren’t Like This.

Little Black was not only larger than the average dog, but he also seemed to have certain characteristics that most other dogs lacked. Su realized her pet’s teeth were very big, which she found quite scary.

Su also found that Little Black was constantly standing on his hind paws, which she hadn’t seen many other dogs do. She began to suspect that her pet was suffering from some kind of illness.

People were surprised to learn that Su believed Little Black was a regular dog. Su was finally persuaded otherwise by a significant event.

That Isn’t A Dog, No Way.

Little Black became a source of fear for Su and her family. This wasn’t the dog they’d taken home from their holiday. This creature seemed to be dangerous. They would stay away from Little Black’s cage if he was standing on his hind legs and growling.

Su began to suspect the Little Black was not a dog at all. She was certain she’d brought a black bear into her house.

Su had to find out what to do with a fully grown bear now that she had accepted the fact.

So, where do we go from here?.

As a result, Su discovered that Little Black was a dangerous wild animal. Su was terrified, so she dialed her nearest rescue number in the hopes that they would know what to do.

She then proceeded to Little Black’s cage to feed him. She had no desire to have a hungry bear on her farm. He might not want to eat something (or anyone) he shouldn’t if he’s full.

A Catch-22 situation.

Su’s front door was raided by Yiliang County Forest Public Security Bureau officers after she made the phone call.

Su said she had no idea Little Black was a bear when the police told her that it was illegal to domesticate wild animals. She assumed she had been raising a dog for quite some time. She had never seen a bear up close before, so she had no idea what they looked like (or so she said).

Next, learn what the cops said when they first saw Little Black.

The Truth Is Revealed.

Little Black was identified as a full-grown Asiatic Black Bear by the police as soon as they saw him. Su and her family were taken aback when they learned that they had been raising a wild animal all along.

Su said to the cops that Little Black was just an overgrown Tibetan Mastiff. She told the cops what she had been feeding Little Black, including his habit of standing on his hind legs.

The Asiatic Black Bear is a species of bear native to Asia.

Tibetan bear, Himalayan bear, and moon bear are all names for an Asiatic Black Bear. This bear was only present in a few areas of Asia, including some Southeast Asian countries and the Himalayas.

Asiatic Black Bears are omnivorous and are noted for their huge appearance. It has a shiny brownish or black coat, but it has one distinguishing feature. When it gets up, it has a whitish line across its chest that resembles a crescent moon.

It’s a priceless asset.

China and areas of Asia are home to Asiatic Black Bears. People in China often run “bear farms” because certain bear internal organs are thought to be beneficial in traditional Chinese medicine.

According to reports, 17,000 bears have been raised in China alone on nearly 70 farms. Su may have come across a stray bear cub from one of these farms and mistook him for a puppy.

Is this a genuine blunder?.

It’s pretty easy to say which is the dog and which is the bear if you look at these pictures side by side. Su admitted to the police that she was humiliated by her mistake, but was it really a mistake? Is it possible that Su raised a bear for two years without understanding what she was doing?.

I believe there is something fishy going on here, if you ask me.

Little Black gets a checkup.

The animal rescue team arrived at Su’s house and performed a rapid examination on Little Black. Little Black was one meter tall, according to the team’s assessment. He was also said to weigh 200 kilograms, according to them.

Little Black was examined for any scars or lacerations and was found to be in good health. Little Black was tranquilized by the animal rescue team so that he could be transported safely. He was loaded into a truck and transported to the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Center.

The Seriousness Of The Issue.

Before bringing Little Black to the wildlife rescue center, the rescue team reminded Su that possessing a bear, or any wild animal for that matter, is illegal.

It’s still uncertain if Su was aware that Little Black was a bear. It seems doubtful that she will raise a bear without understanding it for two years. In China, bear organs are extremely valuable, and Su may have known she was in over her head when Little Black grew larger.

Is It True Or False?.

Su could have dialed the wildlife rescue center because she didn’t want to get in trouble for having a bear. She may have assumed that if she said she didn’t know Little Black was a bear, she’d be able to get away with it and avoid having to deal with him.

However, this isn’t the first time someone has mistakenly adopted a bear for a puppy. It’s possible that Su is telling the truth.

Little Black’s story isn’t one of a kind.

Other instances of people coming across, adopting, and raising bear cubs have been registered. Bear cubs, particularly to the untrained eye, can look a lot like puppies. Little Black’s story isn’t one of a kind.

Little Black, hopefully, is now being properly cared for. He will spend the rest of his life in a sanctuary with other rescued bears, with the possibility of returning to the wild if he’s lucky.

Another example.

A similar incident occurred in 2015, when a farmer mistakenly adopted a black bear believing him to be a puppy. Scorpion was the name he gave to the dog (also known as the bear). This farmer found that his “puppy” ate a lot of food.

Scorpion continued to develop, and the farmer realized he was raising a bear rather than a dog. Despite this, the farmer decided to keep Scorpion because he had developed a bond with him. Scorpion was expelled from the farmer’s home after some neighbors reported him to the authorities.

It Happens Often.

Also in 2015, while hiking in the mountains, a farmer from Lijiang rescued what he described as a “small milk dog.” He was smitten by the tiny creature and wanted to take it home with him.

The farmer fed his pet and even shared a bed with it until the dog grew to be much larger than a dog should be. When the farmer learned he was sharing his house with a black bear, he called the cops right away.

Continue reading for another incredible story about a family who received a surprise when they adopted a puppy!.

When this family adopted a new dog, they were in for a big surprise.

Mariesa Caliguire and Chris Hughes live just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. They’ve devoted their lives to assisting animals in distress. They recognize that animals need affection, protection, and a safe haven. They’ve had the pleasure of sharing their home with a variety of wonderful animals.

Although this couple usually has no problems adopting animals, they ran into some issues when they adopted a dog that had a severe medical problem. Chris and Mariesa had to move quickly to save their new family member. has revolved around the care of dogs.

Chris and Mariesa are two people you should get to know.

Chris Hughes and Meriesa Caliguire collaborate to rescue neglected or abused puppies. Their mutual love of animals has brought them closer together as a couple. They got their first dog, Moses, early in their relationship, and canine care has dominated almost every aspect of their lives since then.

These two individuals are fully committed to the animals they take in.


It all began with a single dog called Moses. One dog became two, two dogs became three, and by 2013, they had adopted a total of eight dogs. There were dogs of various ages, races, colors, and sizes. Chris and Mariesa’s lives were kept very interesting by them.

Chris and Mariesa began to wonder if they should be sharing all of their joy and enthusiasm with others. They had a great idea at that point.

It’s Not Easy Being a Dog.

Chris and Mariesa had so much fun watching their dogs learn, develop, and play that they decided that others should have the same opportunity. Life in the Doghouse is their own online reality show that they started.

It took a few years, but their YouTube channel gradually grew a devoted following. People will pay to watch the channel to keep up with the insanity in this dog-filled home.

Another member of the family has arrived.

Mariesa and Chris had a lot on their plates with a whole family of puppies, but they weren’t quite ready to call their family complete just yet. They thought about getting another dog on a regular basis. They were well aware that there were many dogs in the world in search of homes, and their house had transformed into a dog’s paradise.

They made the decision to grow their family.

There are a lot of dogs to choose from.

Chris and Mariesa got to work looking at various kennels and the dogs that were eligible for adoption. The pair visited the Cuyahoga County Kennel in the fall of 2013, where they saw hundreds of sad puppy dog faces.

Mariesa wished she could take each and every one of the dogs home, but she knew they only had space for one more animal in their home.

Let me introduce you to Storie.

When you see “your puppy” with all of the other pets in an animal shelter, something unusual happens. Of course, you want to take them all home, but seeing “your puppy” makes the prospect of leaving the shelter without them unbearable.

Chris and Mariesa knew Storie was theirs the moment they saw her. The three of them had an immediate bond, but Storie was different.

: Seven Dogs In One.

Chris and Mariesa realized Storie was pregnant after just one look at her huge, swollen belly. Storie was due to give birth to six puppies any day now, according to the shelter staff. According to one of the team members, Storie was actually late.

The puppies should have arrived by now, but for some reason, they were taking their time deciding whether or not they were ready to go.

A Difficult Choice.

Mariesa and Chris were at a loss about what to do. They tried to support Storie and couldn’t bear leaving her at the shelter, but they still had so many dogs at home. They were unsure if they could handle the responsibility of caring for six puppies and their mother.

Could they even handle this sweet pit bull that was in desperate need of assistance? What about her offspring?.

The Only Reasonable Alternative.

Mariesa and Chris couldn’t leave the shelter without Storie, no matter how complicated it might be. They made the decision to take a chance and invite Storie into their house.

They introduced Storie to her new brothers and sisters when they returned home. All of the dogs were ecstatic and cheerful, but Storie began to show signs that she wasn’t feeling well soon after. She wasn’t feeling as energized as she should have been at the time.

Is it possible that it’s the puppies?.

Chris and Mariesa speculated that Storie’s lack of energy was due to her pregnancy. Storie had been expecting for a long time and was most likely in pain. They recalled what a shelter employee had said about Storie potentially being overdue.

Chris and Mariesa discovered after some study that dogs would refuse to give birth in high-stress circumstances. They were concerned that Storie was being victimized in this way.

A Visit to the Veterinarian.

Storie’s deteriorating health was viewed as an emergency by Mariesa and Chris. They jumped in the car and hurried to the veterinarian’s office. Storie was obviously in a bad mood. For the whole car ride, she was whimpering in the back seat. Storie, Chris, and Mariesa were being driven away by the other puppies.

They seemed to be all concerned about the safety of their new friend and her puppies. What did they have in store for them?.

A Pregnant Puppy’s Ultrasound.

The vet was really concerned when he first saw Storie. He suspected that something was wrong with the puppies or the pregnancy in general. The veterinarian scheduled an ultrasound to see what was going on inside Storie’s abdomen.

Chris and Mariesa were hoping for some answers from the ultrasound. They hoped that the veterinarian would be able to assist Storie in giving birth safely.

How Many Puppies Are There? is a placeholder for.

Everyone in the room was taken aback by what they saw on the ultrasound. Storie was most likely pregnant with six puppies, according to a shelter employee. The vet couldn’t believe what he said after seeing the ultrasound.

Not all six puppies — but 12 individual puppy bodies. — he could clearly see. Storie and the puppies needed to come out as soon as possible, or they could all suffer severe health problems.

What Should I Do Next?.

Mariesa and Chris were concerned that Storie would require a c-section, but the vet advised them that such a procedure would be too risky. It was now entirely up to Storie. She was on her own when it came to delivering her puppies.

Chris and Mariesa went out of their way to make Storie feel at ease. They left her alone for the night, and the next morning, what they found was incredible.

Life Is A Miracle.

Storie had given birth to 12 adorable puppies when Chris and Mariesa awoke the next morning. Storie seemed to be clutching her puppies until she was sure she was in a secure location.

Chris was overjoyed to see Storie and her puppies in such good health. Storie can now be able to get some much-needed rest. Chris embraced Storie, who was overjoyed that she was well.

What’s next?.

Chris and Mariesa got to work working out how they were going to manage 12 puppies and nine dogs now that they knew Storie and the puppies were safe. They now had a total of 21 dogs in their home, which was much more than they had expected.

Even the most experienced dog owners and trainers will struggle to care for so many animals. Chris and Mariesa were working nonstop to keep their home clean and tidy.

A Significant Life Shift.

Chris and Mariesa knew they’d gotten themselves into a pickle. They knew they wouldn’t be able to hold all 12 puppies. They worked hard to find loving homes for each of the 12 puppies as soon as they were old enough to leave Storie.

Fortunately, the couple’s YouTube viewers quickly snatched up each and every one of the pups. That wasn’t the only thing that had changed in Chris and Mariesa’s home.

A Life-Changing Experience.

Ryan, Chris’s best friend, noticed that Chris and Mariesa were overburdened by their nine dogs, and he had formed a special bond with Storie. Chris and Mariesa needed more rooms, so Ryan offered to adopt Storie. Storie made her way to her new home after the couple happily accepted.

They’d always be able to see Storie whenever they wanted, and they’d have peace of mind knowing she was in a good and caring home.

It’s finally time to unwind.

It had been a whirlwind of a few days. Chris and Mariesa were so preoccupied with Storie and her puppies that they didn’t have much time to themselves. When life began to return to normal—at least for Chris and Mariesa—the couple thought they could finally sit down and unwind.

But just as they were beginning to unwind, Chris asked Mariesa a question that caught her off guard.

Wagging Tails And Wedding Bells.

Chris proposed to Mariesa, and she enthusiastically accepted. They made their engagement public in front of their whole families and friends a few months later. Of course, their dogs were present at the wedding ceremony.

Their dogs are like family to them, and they couldn’t imagine getting married without them. Perhaps they’ll have a child (or 12) in the near future.

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