Twenty Female Celebrities with the Hottest Beach Bodies

Hollywood beauty doesn’t always come easy. The ladies on this list of hottest beach bodies work hard for their money and their bodies. It can be intimidating slipping into a swimsuit and heading to the beach for the whole town to see, much less the whole world, so these ladies make sure to put in extra time at the gym and in the kitchen to make sure they’ve got a healthy, svelte body to show off when they take a plunge and lay out in the sun. Here is a list of some of Hollywood’s finest showing off their hard-earned, svelte figures.

20. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne hasn’t always been the envy of all beach goers. In fact, Osbourne famously struggled with her weight for many years. Osbourne worked hard to slim down and earn her place on the hottest beach body list. She focused on eating healthy, cutting back on unhealthy foods and hitting the gym at least four days a week. She maintains that she feels better when she’s a healthy weight. Osbourne also says she learned to accept her body for what it was, which made it easier to slim down to feel comfortable enough to wear a bikini.


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