Workout Routines at Home to get toned legs

Having well defined legs is one of the dreams of all women. But it is also one of the goals that cost more, because we have to make a very specific workout. Not just only going to walk or run, although it is true that this helps. But to obtain spectacular results and get your legs to look beautiful and well defined, you have to follow these tips.
Workout Routines at Home
If you want to make your legs look pretty and well defined, the first thing you have to learn, of course, is that it is going to cost you. To define the buttocks or thighs requires constant workout so that you can see the results. If you do not do the exercises that we are going to recommend or you do not to increase the number of repetitions in a progressive way, you will not get anything.

Workout Routines at Home to get your legs toned

Squats: Speaking of firm legs is speaking of squats. A classic workout, but it is also one of the most effective. And it is that as soon as you make the first squat already you know that you are doing exercise.

But to make effective the squat, you first have to know how to do it correctly: Stand up with legs spread 20 inches. You have to get down the body, always with the back straight, until our thighs are parallel to the floor, and back up. To maintain the balance one trick is to stretch the arms forward while you download and upload.

Get an average of 3 batches of fifteen repetitions, and you will begin to see results immediately. And if you want to further improve your firmness, a good trick is to apply weight by weights that you will carry in your hands.

Strides: With this workout you will get to increase the elasticity and firmness of the quadriceps and buttocks. As the squat is a very demanding but very effective exercise for which there is also to know how to be in the proper position: With the back always straight, a step with one leg and bend down until you have the knee at a 90-degree position. Then returns to the starting position, always with your back straight, and do the same with the other leg.

If you do not have clear that you are doing well this workout, ask your monitor or watch a video tutorial. Because if you do not do well this exercise you will not only get strong legs, but you will also damage your back.

Heel lifts: this workout is easier to perform. You should be standing and then will get on tiptoe, then return to the starting position. It is a very simple exercise but, with many repetitions, you will strength your legs without using any weights.

Jumping Jacks: this is the name of this military workout, as this exercise is one of the more commons into the army camps. It consists of jumping while we separate our legs, maintaining a steady pace.

This exercise, if you want to complicate and further improve your coordination capacity, you can give a clap with your hands over the head at the same time that you have your legs apart.

Sumo squats: it is a variant of the squats, which are very effective to define the external part of the buttocks and hips. There are like a normal squat, but with the difference that now the legs are separated in a sumo wrestler style. This variant is easier to perform when it comes to balance, so you can start making these and when you have achieved the perfect position, move to do the other squat more complicate.

Leg lifts: this workout to get defined legs is one of the few that we do while we are lying. Lie mouth up with your forearms stuck to the ground, elevates the legs at the time to make an angle of 90 ° with respect to the ground. Thanks to this exercise you will work the quadriceps of your legs and also your ABS.

Mountain climbers: a high intensity exercise that you will require so much effort in a very short time. You have to go to a “start” position as if you were in a race of athletics, with the palms of the hands resting on the ground and parallel to the ground. Then starts “running” on the site, bending your knees until you almost reach the chest. This workout is very intense but gets results in very little time, to strengthen quadriceps, calves and buttocks.

The bridge: lie down on a mat face up and leave the legs bent, slightly apart. Then raise your back up to form a “bridge” helping you with your forearms, which will be placed in the ground. Keep this position during a few seconds, completely straight and low but without your buttocks touching the ground. With this workout you will get a few firm buttocks almost without you realizing.

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  1. Workout in morning sun and air does wonders for the shape of body and good health.

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